Liu Lin: Life alone is enriching, positive, and filled with possibilities

According to Liu Lin, working as a reporter, an editor or a practitioner in the field of media in Shanghai is a challenge. 

Working as a reporter, an editor or a practitioner in the field of media is a challenging job in Shanghai. It requires advancing horizons, innovative ideas, sufficient inspiration, and lots of energy – sometimes, you even need to write stories on the weekends.

Originally from Xuzhou City in Jiangsu Province, Liu Lin (or Linda) is a financial journalist with a TV channel and has been living in Shanghai for nine years. She describes herself as a lucky girl, because she knows it is no easy feat living and working in such a big city, filled with so much pressure and so many challenges. 

“Being here alone, without my parents... it was a little bit like being a newborn,” she says. 

“But now I’ve been here for nine years, it’s really become my second home. I’d call myself a Hupiao (person from outside Shanghai who works and lives there).”

Linda says living alone gives her opportunities to learn how to be a better person through trying new things – yoga, cooking, or raising a cat. All these interesting things fill and brighten her life. 

"Living alone feels free, it's enriching, positive and full of possibilities," Linda says. "Though sometimes I wish I had a family life, I will go with the flow."

Filmed, directed and edited by Tang Dafei.  Subtitled and translated by Iverson Zhang. Special thanks to Andy Boreham. 

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