A cool, peaceful bachelor pad with that personal touch

When Tang Jun bought an apartment on leafy Wukang Road in Shanghai's Xihui District, he envisioned a bachelor pad that was cool yet peaceful and comfortable.
Dong Jun / SHINE

The vibe of the home is simple, modern and minimalistic, but it still is a bachelor's place at heart. 


hen Tang Jun bought an apartment on leafy Wukang Road in Shanghai’s Xihui District, he envisioned a bachelor pad that was cool yet peaceful and comfortable.

He found Turkish-American architect Senem Cennetoglu to help him transform the apartment into a home to match his personal tastes.

“I don’t like those creamy bright, colorful family set ups,” he says. 

“I’m a bachelor and I like something cool. Dark backgrounds with contrast of some not-so-bright colors calm me down and provide me with a peaceful environment.

“I also don’t want to make it black-white-gray, so a bit of concrete gray background with some warm walnut wood is the choice.

“I’m busy at work and need a nice place to rest and enjoy after work.”

When Cennetoglu first saw the space, it was a confusing layout. The entrance was off-purpose, the night hall was accessed through the living space with a laundry exposed, and there was an impractical storage room in the middle of everything.

There was no distinction between the living spaces and sleeping areas.

“We brought purpose to the entrance, switched location of some walls and introduced a natural flow,” Cennetoglu said.

“The storage room was eliminated to create a luxurious bathroom space and the laundry was planned in the wet area of course,” Cennetoglu said.

Dong Jun / SHINE

The warm and cozy fireplace complements the long, slick black walnut dining table.

The entrance was all about function. The reconfiguration improved the flow of the whole apartment. Yet the kitchen was all about space. The original layout was cramped, so she carefully added additional cabinets and shelves to make it look bigger. 

The vibe is relatively simple, modern and minimalistic, but it still is a home of a bachelor. Shades of gray backdrop, black hardwood floors, exposed concrete accent wall set the tone.

“It is the balance of that edge and yet keeping the ambience still very peaceful,” says Cennetoglu.

“He works very hard and needs a place to unwind, but he’s also very social and loves to have friends over. He wanted a space that reflects his persona, welcoming and entertaining, a place where you can spend hours and not get bored for a second.”

The living room and dining room are all about spending time with loved ones. Shades of gray, exposed concrete walls and a warm and cozy fireplace serve the long slick black walnut dining table. 

The bedroom was designed for relaxation: neutral tones and all natural material selection was the priority. And bathroom was planned to represent a personal spa-like environment: a generous powder space with Carrera marble top, a hidden laundry and a major separate shower area. 

Tang chose his furniture and building materials carefully: “I didn’t go for luxurious stuff,” he says, “but I customized almost all the furniture. I bought the walnut table set custom-made by Elm Workshop — recommended by Cennetoglu — and the sofa is from BoConcept.

“All the built-in furniture is from a German kitchenware company but with local production. The formaldehyde emission meets strict European standards. The decorative pieces were collected over the time.

“When we were done with the space all came together.”

Said Cennetoglu:

“That cool ambience was succeeded. We wanted to tone it down through the soft furnishing. We introduced a bolder color on the sofa with some even brighter colors popping up with the pillows. His selection of art pieces and his interest in Chinese flower arrangement brought another level of softness to the overall space.”

Dong Jun / SHINE

The kitchen is sleek and modern, with built-in furniture made by a German kitchenware company. 

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