RAC is simple, elegant, warm and yet cool

RAC bar is the latest addition to the trendy Anfu Road.
Emma Li / Ti Gong

Inside the cozy space, it’s all about comfort and feeling at home.

RAC bar is the latest addition to the trendy Anfu Road.

The bar, opened inside BaseCo at the intersection with Wukang Road, is all about simplicity: a blend of old and new, unpretentious yet elegant, cool and warm. 

Inside the cozy space, it’s all about comfort and feeling at home, embracing the creative vibe of the neighborhood. Glass, natural wood, concrete and steel, the textures vary, but the minimalist idea is consistent in the space with a deep green color tone. 

The newly opened 35-seater eatery sees a mix of Westerners and locals who seem to embrace cool urban living and, evidently, good food and wine.

The concept of RAC is centered around French-style savory galettes (small round rolls) and sweet crepes. Simon Briens, a partner in RAC, said the aim is to provide delicious Brittany crepes in town to satisfy anyone’s cravings with 11 options. 

Each galette or crepe is a classic. They have a classic no-frills menu with authentic French tastes, with the short list of great staples like Parisian ham, egg and cheese galette, salted butter and brown sugar crepe and sweet Nutella crepe. Each galette uses buckwheat and is gluten free. From the Galettes selection, as a meat lover, I preferred sausage that contains pork, cheese and a creamy wholegrain mustard sauce (80 yuan/US$12.42). 

Another favorite is sardine that is a pure Mediterranean delight. Smoked sardine, cream, lemon and seaweed butter mixed together is a superb indulgence. The salted caramel crepe (38 yuan) is an all-time favorite for sweet cravings. 

Emma Li / Ti Gong

 Each galette or crepe is a classic. 

The preparation of authentic galettes and crepes is a craft and the eatery has perfected Brittany’s best in Shanghai.

There are a good selection of ciders including “Granit” pear from Normandy, and “Demi-Sec” from Brittany to fruity ciders from New Zealand. One can easily pick a favorite to pair with a crepe.

A large selection of natural wine is also a highlight. The beautifully designed wine cabinet at the one end of the space displays 90 varieties and most of them are natural. 

The casual, chic space is where people come to meet, converse, share ideas and enjoy coffee, crepe and natural wines. A passionate follower of the natural wines movement for years, the owner is keen to share and spread the philosophy centered on respecting the soil, environment and character of the wine. 

Every evening from Thursday to Saturday, RAC turns into a relaxed wine bar where you can enjoy small bites with some of the best natural wine offerings in town.

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