Epicurean dining delight is served at Canton Table

A new culinary project opened up along the iconic riverfront, at Shanghai's all-time favorite epicurean destination, Three on the Bund.

A new culinary project opened up along the iconic riverfront, at Shanghai’s all-time favorite epicurean destination, Three on the Bund. 

Canton Table is a brand new Cantonese restaurant, on the fifth floor of the building, with the interior design inspired by the nostalgic shikumen and the glamorous Shanghai Bund. An old Shanghai charm prevails the space yet it is still threaded with modern simplicity. 

The restaurant is beautifully appointed with mood lights, sleek furniture and hand-painted portraits of charming Shanghai women from the golden era. 

The eating area is divided into a main dining room and several private sections. Private dining rooms are in contrast to the austerity of the brick hallways, featuring bespoke graphic wallpapers in jewel tones, crafted herringbone and basket weaved woodwork, and custom-designed lantern lights. The main dining room is decked out in the same exquisite style complimented by the breathtaking river view. 

Ti Gong

The interior design of the restaurant is inspired by the nostalgic shikumen and the glamorous Shanghai Bund.

The interior is pleasant to the eyes and sets the mood for a lovely evening.

Master chef Eason Man takes the helm of the kitchen, who holds more than three decades of knowledge and solid experience of traditional Cantonese cuisine. The restaurant aims to bring the quintessential essence of Cantonese cuisine for both locals and tourists. High quality fresh ingredients are essential, along with traditional cooking skills and detailed preparations of each dish. True flavors of the delicious ingredients are meant to be kept. 

During my recent visit, I opted for classic Cantonese dishes such as, Cantonese Barbecue Pork with glazed honey, Roasted Goose with hawthorn, Baked Codfish with ginger, scallion and sweet bean sauce, and Beef Flank in clear consommé. 

Wonderfully fragrant and deliciously healthy, the simple Beef Flank in clear consommé makes the perfect warming dish for this season. 

Chilled Mantis Prawn with Shaoxing Rice Wine is also recommended as it is the perfect illustration of Canton Table’s dedication to using rigorously and carefully selected ingredients. Chef Man searched all over Southeast Asia to find 350-gram mantises with roes. The tender and bouncy meat is then soaked in aged Shaoxing Rice Wine for an aromatic flavor.

At Canton Table, tea is an essential part. A Chinese tea master is on site to guide you with tea pairing. Some very rare tea can be found here. 

For those who prefer alcoholic drinks, there are Chinese yellow rice wine inspired cocktails, such as “Drifting Dream,” which combines Chinese yellow rice wine with ginger, red date, lychee, and tangerine.

Ti Gong

Baked whole abalone puff


Opening hours: 11:30am-2:30pm (Monday-Friday); 11:30am-4pm (weekends); 5:30pm-10:30pm

Tel: 6321-3737

Address: 5/F, Three on the Bund, No. 3 Zhongshan Rd E1

Average price: 380 yuan

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