New Year hopes and dreams on the streets of Shanghai

Altogether 22 passengers in Shanghai have told SHINE their wish and dreams for the coming Chinese New Year in the past few days.

Altogether 22 pedestrians in Shanghai have shared with SHINE their hopes and dreams for the coming Chinese Lunar New Year, which begins on Friday.

Most of them regarded the Year of the Dog as a good year, since "dog" has the meaning of "prosperity" in Chinese. They wished wealth and good luck for their families, and for themselves.

We also heard about some happy things: the birth of kids, the graduation of college students. And many ordinary people sent their blessings before our camera.

There were also many people sharing their dreams with us. However, instead of grand ambitions, most of them just wished for peace and prosperity for their families and friends.

Let's check out some Shanghai pedestrians' Chinese New Year wishes!

Filmed by Sophie Wang and Jack Zhou. Edited by Zhong Youyang. Translated by Cecilia Li. Special thanks to Andy Boreham.

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