Design couple wow the world with fresh ideas

Elaine Lu is co-founder of award-winning inter-disciplinary architectural design firm Lim + Lu based in Hong Kong, but born in New York.
Design couple wow the world with fresh ideas
Ti Gong

Elaine Lu

Who is she?

Elaine Lu is co-founder of award-winning inter-disciplinary architectural design firm Lim + Lu based in Hong Kong, but born in New York.

Lim + Lu provides architectural, interior, branding, furniture and product design services. Their designs, inspired by familiar images from everyday life, push the trend of individualization by presenting flexibility and practicality.

Lim + Lu is recently selected as Rising Asian Talent by Maison et Objet 2017, 40 Under 40 by Perspective Magazine, 100 Most Influential Architects and Designers in 2017 by Architectural Digest China and Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia 2018.

Please share with us some of your works.

I have done various residential works in Hong Kong and New York, retail in Shenzhen, the Kasa restaurant and Colourliving showroom in Hong Kong. On the product and furniture side, we’ve designed Reform series for Taiping Carpets, Mass series for New Works and Push/Pull series for Cornell University. 

The work that I am most proud of to date would be my own home.

It is an ever-evolving project that I continuously work on. When I first renovated, I left certain spaces untouched and kept the original state. However, after having lived in the space for about two years now, I finally decided on what we want to do with the previously untouched spaces.

I also believe that the home is a place that grows with you. As your needs evolve, so should your living environment. As I venture down this journey called life and start a family of our own some day, my home will again go through a phase of transformation and metamorphosis to accommodate a new way of living.

What project are you currently involved in?

I am working on several residential projects, a new restaurant for an iconic Hong Kong restaurant group which will be completed and revealed at the beginning of next year and I’m developing products with some Nordic brands which we can’t disclose yet.

What’s your design style.

Clean, architectural and unexpected. We like to challenge stereotypes. Versatility is a key component of our philosophy. 

Where are you most creative?

On the upper deck of the tram in Hong Kong looking out to the cityscape.

What does your home mean to you?

The most important attribute of a home is comfort, whatever that means to you. 

What do you collect?

I like to collect ordinary everyday objects during our travels. Our fascination stems from how different cultures design vernacular objects such as bowls and stools. Vince also collects vintage watches.

Where would you like to go most in Shanghai?

I’ve only been to Shanghai twice for work and I am in love with the city and its design scene. Next time, I would like to visit the old city center as well as exploring some lanes.

What will be the next big design trend?

It will be the utilization of AR (Augmented Reality) to allow designs from a virtual space to collide with the real world.

This will vastly change the design scene as it has the ability to allow the consumer to visualize and experience the product in advance, making future designs much more efficient and consumer-centric.

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