A desire to die for design and a craving for creating

Douglas Moon has always had a hunger for design and a desire to create. He sees architecture as the ultimate way to have his designs realized and built.
A desire to die for design and a craving for creating
Ti Gong

Douglas Moon 

Who is he? 

Douglas Moon has always had a hunger for design and a desire to create. He sees architecture as the ultimate way to have his designs realized and built. He is the epitome of thoughtful design, as he believes design is more than a job — it’s a lifestyle and something he lives and breathes every day. 

His attention to detail and craftsmanship in his projects has contributed to some phenomenal-built achievements, including the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center in Kuwait and private residences, penthouses and ski chalets in London, New York, Dubai, and France.As design director leading Wilson Associates’ Singapore residential design studio, Moon has the primary responsibility to conceptualize the overall design direction of the project and interpret the owner’s requirements to create a holistic, integrated and timeless interior.

Moon is an avid traveler and is never without a camera, documenting what inspires him wherever he ventures, whether it’s deep-sea diving, a live sporting event or while enjoying a tableside tailor-made martini at the Connaught Bar in London.

Please share with us some of your works and name the one you are most proud of. 

Each new project becomes your favorite. I have worked on everything from classic designs and restoration in London to Opera houses in the Middle East, and I live and breathe each one while I work on them until they are finished.

The villas, apartments and penthouses we are currently working on are my current favorite, as each is full of new challenges and exploring new cultures and aesthetics.

I can’t choose just one project, but I can say that whenever I am back in London, I get a kick out of walking past the enormous townhouses in and around Mayfair and Kensington I designed.

Penthouses are great but once they’re finished it’s hard to get up close to them, but I can still have a coffee on the same street as those London townhouses and feel proud that I helped enhance the streets cape, and my work stands proudly between houses which have stood for hundreds of years, my addition to that great city.

Are you currently involved with any project?

Absolutely, this is a very exciting time as we current have residential projects across four countries with more ready to start. The mix we have presently ranges from large scale apartment complexes, amenities and show apartments, to villas, private homes and penthouses. Each has their own unique challenges, meaning each one gives us unique design opportunities. 

What’s your design style. 

My background is based in London and Europe, where I worked and trained as an architect, so my personal style is contemporary classic and European, however as a designer you always learn and adapt, drawing from your surroundings. I am as happy working in modern contemporary architecture in New York, Asia and the Middle East, and you always draw on the location as a means to enhance a project’s character and individuality.

Where are you most creative? 

I am most creative with my team. I am lucky to work with great designers, each with their own particular strengths.

Working together and brainstorming ideas is what turns a spark into a fire, but I always find that the initial spark comes from meeting a client in person, and seeing a site firsthand.

Taking the time to understand a client’s needs, while really exploring the local culture and vernacular gives you so much to draw from.

What does your home mean to you?

My home is an extension of me, and an extension of everything that’s in my head. My books, magazines, music, clothes ... everything reflects my personality, which in turn reflects my work. 

Some people’s home is a respite and escape from their work, with me it never stops, I’m constantly finding ideas and inspiration in old books, movies and journals.

What do you collect?

At the minute I seem to be collecting passport stamps! In April alone I have visited five new countries. One of the great things about my job and living in Asia is being able to work in such a great mix of locations.It’s a privilege to get to visit them, my Instagram is starting to look like a travel blog. 

One of my personal passions/guilty pleasures is collecting watches, classic and iconic pieces. My favorites ones are older than I am. 

What will be the next big design trend?

For me it’s about being wary of trends. There is a saying, “fashion fades, style is timeless.”

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