Experience 'new luxury' at Mercedes me

The second Mercedes-Benz experience store, "Mercedes me," opened in Shanghai. The store is seeking a way to give food enthusiasts a novel experience.

The second Mercedes-Benz experience store, “Mercedes me,” opened at The Bund financial district in Shanghai. The store is seeking a way to give food enthusiasts a novel experience while test-driving the car of their dreams.

The space was designed by former Mercedes-Benz Museum architect Professor H. G. Merz, and it has been designed to combine the finest elements of cuisine, art and fashion under one roof.

The ideology of “new luxury,” as Mercedes-Benz calls it, carries an ethos of “the best for me” mantra.

Covering an indoor area of 1,500 square meters, the store is located in a prime and iconic position in Shanghai — The Bund. The first floor is dedicated to Western cuisine and is headed by a Singaporean master chef with 16 years of cooking experience. The second floor is focused on cuisines from Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces. It also offers Beijing roasted duck as well as authentic Shanghainese food.

There is also a bar located at the very end of the restaurant and each cocktail has a name reflecting an historical aspect of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

It may be a bit difficult to imagine a correlation or connection between cuisine and the Mercedes-Benz brand, but quality is the most important aspect. Not only is “Mercedes me” a place to test-drive a car, but it promises to deliver the finest aspects of a luxury dining experience.

It has been designed for the purpose of changing people’s ideas about cars, how they shop for them and initiate a unique and unprecedented style of automobile shopping.

Experience 'new luxury' at Mercedes me

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