Going L for leather and a passion for design

Gabrielecorto Moltedo is a designer who has tapped into Italian aesthetic and craftsmanship. Natasha Ivachoff, meanwhile, owns Missy Skins a fashion brand reflecting the boho chic.

Gabrielecorto Moltedo

Gabrielecorto Moltedo was born into a family of designers (founders of Bottega Veneta, Laura Braggion and Vittorio Moltedo) and raised as an apprentice in artisan-crafted leather trade. To better drive his passion for design and creating bags of superior quality that reflected his unique take on art and life, he launched his own brand Corto Moltedo and atelier in 2004. Music, arts and style enthusiast, Moltedo has truly recreated his personal relentless vision in both his designs and boutique.

Ti Gong

Gabrielecorto Moltedo

The personal style illustrates my interior life through dress. Our outer physical beings are a mask and I want my mask to best represent how I am feeling at any given moment. I dress with regards to my temperament on any given day.

The best outfit I’ve ever worn for a special occasion was at my friend’s wedding in Tunisia — traditional outfit and the history of a garment fascinates me. Recently, the new Chinese tunic suit that I had made in blush pink linen in Shanghai was one of the best.

I don’t follow fashion trends. Looking directly at other people’s work causes confusion. Instead, I look to popular culture and the streets, especially art, music, architecture, film and TV.

I don’t usually shop for clothes and accessories. I’m a designer, so often I will design something and get an expert artisan to execute my vision. There are wonderful tailors in Shanghai and in Florence. I work with true craftsmen and women to create my visions whenever possible.

My favorite fashion brand is my own brand Corto Moltedo. I work with a wonderful and talented team who share my commitments with regards to creativity and quality. Bringing a brand into the world is like having and raising a baby, so in that sense, the saying is true: “It takes a village to raise a brand!”

Ti Gong

Corto Moltedo “We Have Enough” keying

The designer I most admire  is my mother. I grew up watching her work and create beauty. She continues to inspire me.

The style icons I look up to are women — each and every one of them. When you observe a woman, young or old, you can see the uniqueness of each individual and the way they express themselves and what they want to portray to the outside world. It is an endless inspiration.

The last item I added to my wardrobe was my bespoke, hand-tailored Chinese suit in blush pink linen.

The fashion item I’m eying next is a Corto Moltedo Constanzita 554 in Croc.

I collect postcards from museum and art gallery gift shops. It started at an early age. I have thousands.

My grooming staples are scented bath oil from Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, Dr. PAWPAW balm for lips and hair gel.

My signature perfume is the scent of newly pressed olive oil and freshly collected honey that my family produces on our farm on Lake Bolsena.

The best souvenir I brought home is memories of perfect moments.

The most memorable place I’ve traveled to in the past are all of them. No experience is forgotten, good or bad. Eventually fragments bloom from my consciousness into my collections.

The best thing about living in Shanghai is the energy and vibrancy of the people and the city. It is so invigorating and inspiring.

The last book I’ve read is Marcel Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time,” a classic that was waiting for me to be ready for it.

Except Shanghai, the city I would love to live in is Sydney. My assistant is Australian and makes it sound like the perfect compromise of city and beach life.

Ti Gong

Huawei Pro P20

Natasha Ivachoff

NatashaIvachoff is the creative director of fashion brand Missy Skins. Born in Beijing to a Chi¬nese mother and Russian father, she grew up in Sydney, Australia. She projects an image of relaxed, cool boho chic and she loves to seek fun in fashion styling.

Ti Gong

Natasha Ivachoff

My personal style is relaxed “cool casual” with a little boho chic, but there’s also a little rock in me that explains why I have a leather fashion brand Missy Skins. I love to be dressed up for an occasion. Shoes and accessories all considered but I also like a little fun — vintage rock tees and cowboy boots. And a well-tailored blazer is a must.

The best outfit I’ve ever worn for a special occasion was a Tom Ford black and white beaded tribal dress, given by my sister, for my nephew’s wedding in Sydney. When you put it on you feel the weight and the layers of embellishments come alive with every stride.

I tend not to follow trends but do get inspired by runway looks and track down that one must-have for a special occasion, like a Gucci turban, Azzedine Alaïa 15” corset belt, Indian hair Afro wig or pair of pimping sunglasses. But mostly my new season purchases are investment pieces — items well taken care of will last for decades.

I shop for clothes and accessories at Industrial Co on Julu Road featuring Japanese workwear and denim. They carry interesting accessories and hats and this is where you find a good summer hat in Shanghai.

Ti Gong

Missy Skins earrings

My favorite fashion brands are Ellery, Uooyaa, Toga, No.21. But if I have to wear just one brand it would be Stella McCartney and Azzedine Alaïa shoes.

The designer I admire is Hedi Slimane. My affection for him is most likely due to me growing up in 1980s and 1990s where he draws some of his inspiration. He sees beauty in a flaw and this is very real in his photography too.

The style icon I look up to is Charlotte Rampling — ageless classy. I admire people who express their own style in their own way.

The last item I added to my wardrobe was a heavy white button down shirt and a pair of high-waist cargo pants from my favorite store in Shanghai.

The fashion item I’m eying next is a Valentino Cowboy booties. I love an ankle boot even in the summer and have always worn cowboy boots and now they are cool again. If you keep things long enough they come back into fashion.

Ti Gong

Charlotte Olympia heels and hand-made python skin boots

I collect nothing in particular but I love vintage and have a big selection of sunglasses.

My grooming staples include good hair product like natural hair oil to keep a blow-dry looking fresh. I also wear makeup most days and can’t live without blotching paper, blush and good eyebrow pencil.

My signature perfume is Le Labo oil perfume that absorbs into your skin and the earthy scent will stay with you all day. At night I’m wearing Midnight Poison — a classic that a girl friend reminded me is no longer produced.

The best souvenir I brought home is I love NY mug that I use every day.

The most memorable place I have traveled in the past was Ibiza. It was a fantasy holiday — beach clubs, amazing food and villas. We stay in the hills with friends and so memorable because we had so much fun dressing up.

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