Passion for fashion, elegance and comfort

A Belgian fashion lover with an impulsive 'coup de coeur' finds comfort in every day casual-elegant clothing, while a chic Dutch-Chinese lady loves Oriental designs.

Mathieu Constant-Duquesnoy

Mathieu Constant-Duquesnoy comes from a winemaking family and responsible of developing the market for family vineyard Domain Constant-Duquesnoy from Rhone Valley, France. He is passionate about wine and gastronomy, as a member of the Chaine des Rotisseurs, International Association of Gastronomy.

Dong Jun / SHINE

Mathieu Constant-Duquesnoy

My personal style is casual-elegant, consistently every week.

The best outfit I’ve ever worn for a special occasion was my tailor-made wedding suit. Aside from that I have very good memories of my first waltz ball clothing when I was 20 and various other kinds of clothes I wear when I am on stage in theatrical plays. Also a little nod to my friends in Europe who still love to laugh at my shirts when I ski! When I ski I wear shirts with cuff links.

I follow the fashion trends by mainly using social media such as WeChat/Instagram or simply looking around and opening my eyes — be it friends or people in the streets, there are flourishing styles around in Shanghai.

Dong Jun / SHINE

personalized cufflinks

I usually shop for clothes and accessories by “crush purchasing.” I am not the kind of person who walks around the shelves. I am pretty fan of “coup de coeur” — crush purchasing. And when the occasion arises, usually it goes pretty fast. Aside from that, I prefer tailor-made clothes. Indeed, the interaction that one can have with a craftsman has no equal in terms of experience.

If I have to limit my shopping to one neighborhood in Shanghai, it has to be with my tailor. Amongst others, I definitely prefer going to the Cotton Society for my shirts and Ben Koo for my shoes.

The last item added to my wardrobe was a cyclist’s jersey as I just started cycling and discovering the world of triathlon.

The fashion item I’m eyeing next is a pair of shoes. But as already mentioned, I am never safe from a crush “coup de coeur.”

My signature perfume is Armani Black Code.

The best souvenir I brought home was a piece of West African art. Especially three statues (2m high) of hornbill (Calao) made of rare wood. I lived in Africa for four years. There is something unique and magical about the African continent.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre and Delvaux

The most memorable place I have traveled in the past was to the resourceful wilderness of Canada where I also had a chance to live. I like those few places that still exist where humans have not intervened with Mother Nature.

The best thing about living in Shanghai is the energy of an amazing city that will never stop surprising me.

The last book I read was “Good to Great” from Jim Collins. There is nothing more enriching than sharing such an experience.

Except Shanghai, the city I would love to live in is Vancouver.

Joanne Tang

Joanne Tang is owner and founder of Infinite Luxury Limited, a sales, marketing and communication agency positioning luxury hotels and unique travel experiences, with offices in China. The Dutch-Chinese lady is a globetrotter, passionate about travel and luxury lifestyle.

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Joanne Tang

My personal style for business is feminine and elegant, and for leisure, smart yet comfortable. I love Oriental dresses and jackets with a contemporary design and I prefer bright colors in summer and darker tones in winter.

The best outfit I’ve ever worn for a special occasion was a Chinese qipao. It can never go wrong.

I follow the trends by visiting fashion capital cities, not only for shopping but also by watching people in the streets.

I usually shop for clothes and accessories at my tailors. I prefer unique pieces, tailored clothing and handmade shoes, so I usually go back to my tailors and shoemakers. I like to accessorize, compliment and personalize the outfit with jewelry, scarves and love big masculine watches. I usually get pieces from my travels, which also generates fond memories about the destination when I am wearing it.

Dong Jun / SHINE

Jewelry collection from travels

If I have to limit my shopping to one neighborhood in Shanghai, it would be the little streets between IAPM and Fuxing Park. Even if you do not succeed in your shopping spree, it’s a nice walk.

I do not have one favorite fashion brand. What I wear depends on the occasion and how I feel. Inspiring brands are Pucci, in terms of colors and pattern and Diane von Furstenburg’s wrap dresses are great for every occasion. You can easily upgrade to a more elegant look with scarves from Hermes, Armani is always good. Great to see that hotels associate themselves with fashion brands e.g. Savoy in Florence with Pucci, a Diane von Furstenburg suite at Claridge’s in London, lavish Aqua di Parma amenities at Coco Prive in Maldives.

The designer I most admire is Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, “Coco,” modernist thought, practical design and pursuit of expensive simplicity. Great designer and also an inspiring woman.

The last item I added to my wardrobe was tailor-made gala dress for my sister’s wedding. The fashion item I’m eyeing next is a Max Mara jacket for the winter months!

Dong Jun / SHINE

Tailor-made purse

My signature perfumes are Chanel, Dior, Bvlgari.

The best souvenir I brought home was all the memories from my trips abroad, especially the ones with family.

The most memorable place I have travelled in the past was Peru on my honeymoon. My husband organized the most perfect honeymoon for us while ticking off a destination on our bucket list.

The best thing about living in Shanghai was its diversity. It is a world-class city in the ranks of any global icon cities. It’s fast moving, ever-changing, full of opportunities, so international yet with a strong local identity, culture and history. It is a good mix.

The last book I’ve read was Robert Kuok’s Memoir. I love reading bios and books about entrepreneurs such as Jack Ma, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and many more.

Except Shanghai, the city I would love to live in is Paris.

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