Design Shanghai draws curtains on successful show

The sixth edition of Design Shanghai has over 400 international and Chinese designers and brands, presenting their latest works to the market.

The sixth edition of Design Shanghai will wrap up tomorrow after a four-day show at Shanghai Exhibition Center.

Over 400 international and Chinese designers and brands attended the gathering and presented their latest works to the market.

China has established itself as a major international player over the past five years as  design culture shifts toward innovation and original designs. Alongside a number of established brands, such as 8 Hour, Banlan, Black Drama, Lost & Found, a contingent of emerging designers are blazing a trail with experimental models and unexpected materials.

New brand Ginkgold made its debut with the Ginkgo Leaf Chair, inspired by falling leaves and using a single piece of carbon-fibre weighing only three kilograms.

As one of Asia’s biggest design events, Design Shanghai also served as the perfect place for some of the world’s most recognized brands.

They were provided with a platform to present their latest collections across furniture, lighting, bathroom and kitchen fields, decorative accessories and surfaces to the Asian market. This year the event welcomed a number of new international brands including &tradition, TON and Brokis.

A few European countries also revealed great initiative to show their creativity through some representative works. The exhibition of “Swedish Design Stories” shows a new aesthetic in Scandinavian design presenting how pioneering designers have integrated craft, artistic practice and social engagement into their work.

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