Fashion-brands' fall and winter collections

Tan Weiyun
With primary colors and pure lines, Swatch's Fall-Winter 2019 collection - BAU SWATCH - pays tribute to Bauhaus.
Tan Weiyun


With primary colors and pure lines, Swatch’s Fall-Winter 2019 collection — BAU SWATCH — pays tribute to Bauhaus, an influential 20th-century art movement that combined crafts and arts.

The new collection, inspired by Bauhaus’s aesthetics of large areas, three-primary colors and sharp geometries, features I LOVE YOUR FOLK and THE CLAN series.

Dominated by the elements of paisley, flowers, lace and geometric patterns, the Folk series honors one’s own culture, which values freedom, unique personalities and strong individual styles.

The Clan is highlighted with big studs in a Gothic touch of black and red colors. The series is designed for a shiny cocktail party, better to go with elaborate hairdos, big buckled shoes and precious velvet jackets.

The launch of the new collection is a celebration of Bauhaus’s 100th anniversary, which originated in 1919  Germany.

Today it is synonymous with brave, rational and functional schemes in art, architecture and design, as well as the avant-guard of classical modern style in all fields of liberal and applied arts.

Fashion-brands' fall and winter collections
Ti Gong

Swatch’s Fall-Winter 2019 collection - BAU SWATCH.

Le Labo

The luxury perfume brand Le Labo launches its new fragrance Bigarade 18 for the coming Fall season.

With the ingredients of bergamote and neroli petals, mixed with musk and synthetic ambergris, plus a drop or two of wood, Bigarade 18 is a mix of the classical smells of refreshing citruses and warm woods. It smells rigid yet comfortable, classic yet contemporary, bright yet long-lasting.

Bigarade 18 has made its debut in Le Labo Hong Kong boutiques and will be available in its worldwide shops as well as on Le Labo’s website.

The luxury perfume brand based in New York City was founded in 2006 by Eddie Roschi and Fabrice Penot. It soon gained immediate renown for its subtle, striking scents, apothecary packaging and distinctive naming conventions.

Fashion-brands' fall and winter collections
Ti Gong

Bigarade 18


With the seasonal theme — Bold by Nature, Marimekko 2019 Pre-Fall Collection is a salute to creativity and courage of the great women of the 20th century. 

Blue, pink and green color palettes bring out a refreshing and energetic autumn wardrobe. Meanwhile, the signature and new prints act as two counter forces that create an interesting dialogue: freedom meets regularity.

The 2019 Autumn-Winter Collection, still echoing Marimekko’s love of nature, offers a series of East-meets-West creations that combines contemporary Japanese designs and bold Finnish functionality.

Complemented vibrant pink and red tones with calming black and white and soft beige and brown are used to reflect the Japanese Zen elements and balance this season’s hues.

Puritan Nordic styles, Kimono-inspired silhouettes, and Japanese Zen garden influences are all infused in the series. 

All creations are made to further encourage Marimekko women to express their personality through empowering prints and colors. 

Fashion-brands' fall and winter collections
Ti Gong

 Marimekko’s 2019 Autumn-Winter Collection

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