Lingerie and watches with a global twist

Tan Weiyun
Europe's leading fashion-lingerie brand celebrates diverse array of female beauty and highlights feminine power with sexy lace and gorgeous satin at online fashion show.
Tan Weiyun
Lingerie and watches with a global twist
Ti Gong

Hunkemöller's fashion show features many international supermodels of different shapes and sizes, a nod to reshaping women's perceptions of how to view themselves. 


With the novel coronavirus sweeping across the world, mass gatherings canceled and people urged to stay home, Europe’s leading fashion lingerie brand, Hunkemöller, hosted its annual fashion show online without an audience last month for the first time. 

At the show, designer Andrew Lane and his team released their 2020 spring/summer collections, celebrating the diverse array of female beauty and highlighting feminine power with sexy lace and gorgeous satin.

Top European curvy model, Danielle van Grondelle, encouraged women to find their own charm and appeared onstage with international supermodels of different shapes and sizes, such as Fine Bauer and Loiza Lamers.

As Bauer, a well-proportioned curvy model, walked down the runway, her broad body shape and unique outline stood out. Moreover, the appearance of Lamers, winner of the first transgender global Top Model franchise, further diversified the show.

"Women are a fashionable combination of all beautiful elements, the best of all worlds," said Hunkemöller CEO Philip Mountford. "With the new collections, Hunkemöller wants to bring out the best in every one of them, boost their self-confidence and empower them."

The new seasonal fashions draw on classic flower creations, incorporating a charming flower posture into product design. The simplicity and bright colors of Andy Warhol’s famous hibiscus artworks are playfully synthesized into embroidered lace. Georgia O’Keeffe’s dreamy white rose is reflected in a transparent ruffled chiffon. Modern bonding details, inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe’s sexy black-and-white lily photographs, infuse a sense of avant-garde. 

Hunkemöller also launched a series of home leisure wear to celebrate work-from-home women.

Customers can watch the show by logging onto the Hunkemöller online store and its Tmall flagship store. The newest Hunkemöller x Doutzen Lounge collection is on sale now, and other SS20 Collections will come to China in the future.

Lingerie and watches with a global twist
Ti Gong

Swatch launches you virtually everywhere in the world


No luggage required! Front-row seats still available! Zero jet lag! Swiss watchmaker, Swatch, invites you to take a virtual trip around the world with its latest product launch, “Swatch Takes Me Places,” the company's marketing response to social-distancing and work-from-home regulations made necessary by the coronavirus outbreak.

By following the Weibo official account “Swatch,” people can instantly travel the globe and experience a diverse array of cultures.

Despite the international lockdown, life is abuzz online. Behold Italians cooking spaghetti, Turks playing backgammon and opera singers in Suzhou teaching Kunqu.

No matter where on Earth you are, take in the sunset from the top of the Empire State Building in New York City, enjoy the crystal-clear water and warm breezes of Hawaii, take a walk under the cherry blossoms in Tokyo and ride the underground in London. 

Swatch also launched a special-edition series, “Swatch X You,” featuring dial plates of canvas paintings from Shanghai, New York, Madrid, Bangkok, Zurich and even Mars. 

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