Six-year-old photographer amazes Internet

With a film camera and her father by her side, Shengsheng has become an online celebrity thanks to her photos taken on the streets of Shanghai.
Provided by Feidian video. Subtitles by Wang Xinzhou and Andy Boreham.

With a film camera and her father by her side, a six-year-old girl is looking for subjects to take part in her "project:" taking photos of ordinary people on the streets of downtown Shanghai.

The girl, known as Shengsheng, has become a web celebrity thanks to her beautiful photos. She started taking photos last September, inspired by her photographer father. "The mobile phone is too heavy for her to hold well," said her dad. "I think a film camera is better. Film cameras which can focus automatically are very light."

Shengsheng started by recording her family, friends, and surroundings on film. Recently she started working on her new project. So far, most passersby have been willing to take part.

"I like taking photos, because I can record my life which is meaningful," Shengsheng said, "I feel I can do better. I will keep trying." 

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