A story of love in the time of coronavirus

Hu Jun
Ma Xuefeng Hu Jun Wang Haoling
Newly married couple Cao Hui and Zhu Jiawen won't be spending Chinese Valentine's day together because of COVID-19 but Shanghai Daily has made a video of their romantic story.

Hu Jun
Ma Xuefeng Hu Jun Wang Haoling
Shot by Ma Xuefeng and Hu Jun. Edited by Ma Xuefeng. Subtitles by Edgar.

Qixi Festival, or Chinese Valentine's Day, which falls on Tuesday this year, is usually a big day for Chinese couples. 

But many may not be able to spend a romantic time together because of COVID-19. 

Cao Hui and Zhu Jiawen, a newly married Shanghainese couple, are among them. 

Cao, a prison officer, is due to be on duty Tuesday. In order to protect prisoners from infection, the prison where Cao works set a new work schedule — 16 days at work work and then a 8-day quarantine at home. Tuesday is when Cao starts his next shift. 

His wife, Zhu Jiawen, a nurse at Shanghai East Hospital, will be also busy with additional work, such as checking patients’ temperatures and their health QR codes at the hospital's entrance.

Because of COVID-19, the couple had fourth postponed their wedding which was originally set for May. They also been apart for the longest time since they met — 30 days — because of their jobs. 

Check the video above to watch their story.

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