Romance on standby for this hospital couple

Wang Haoling Zhou Shengjie Dai Qian
This year's Qixi Festival, China's Valentine's Day, will be the first since Zhou Lingyi and Yu Jinghai got married in May but they won't be celebrating together because of work. 
Wang Haoling Zhou Shengjie Dai Qian
Shot by Zhou Shengjie and Dai Qian. Edited by Dai Qian. Subtitles by Edgar.

Qixi Festival, or Chinese Valentine’s Day, on August 25 will be the first since Zhou Lingyi and Yu Jinghai got married in May. But they will not be able to celebrate it together because of their different shifts at work.

The couple are nurses at Shanghai’s Renji Hospital and both went to the front line in Wuhan, heart of the coronavirus pandemic, in February after having had to postpone their wedding that month.

In May, Yu, an intensive care nurse in the hepatic surgery department, and Zhou, a nurse in the gastrology department, took part in a group wedding with another nine hospital couples who had to postpone their weddings because of COVID-19.

How is their life and work today? And what does Wuhan’s experience mean to them six months later? Check out the video above to one of their ordinary working days.  

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