The perfect season for tranquility and rich flavors

Li Anlan
This fall features a new retreat at Wuyi Mountain, a great BBQ deal and decadent menus to delight your taste buds.
Li Anlan

New experiments in classic Italian

Italo, the Italian restaurant and cocktail bar opened in November, 2019, has launched an all-new menu highlighting the flavors of the Mediterranean using modern culinary techniques.

The Tuscan-style seafood soup is a crowd pleaser. It’s served in a siphon, similar to coffee or Tom Yum Kung soup in some Thai restaurants. The rich, seafood soup is conveyed to a second glass container through a tube, which intensifies the flavor and makes the presentation more fun and experimental.

The house made Italian-style roast pork brisket is a great dish for fall. A prime cut of pork brisket is first cooked slowly so that the meat becomes extra tender and soft, then it’s baked in the oven to achieve golden, crispy skin.

Their handmade pastas and Roman-style pizzas are also not to be missed. All are made fresh every day with high-quality, imported Italian flour.

Address: 2/F, 291 Fumin Rd

Tel: 6027-9127

The perfect season for tranquility and rich flavors
Ti Gong

Tuscan-style seafood soup

Mountain retreat inspired by Song Dynasty

Wuyi Mountain, the top travel destination in Fujian Province, has a new luxury resort inspired by the culture of the Song Dynasty (960-1279): the Yutopia Wuyi Mountain Retreat developed by Shimao Group.

Properly named as a destination to escape from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan lifestyles, Yutopia is well-versed in design and service to offer a carefree vacation experience – an excellent spa, 24-hour fitness center and all-day dining serving local specialties and classic Chinese cuisine.

The location of the hotel is about 30 minutes’ drive from Nanping Station if you take the high-speed train (which is three to four hours from Shanghai). There’s also a local airport if you are travelling from afar. Chauffeured transportation can be arranged with the hotel in advance.

The décor of Yutopia is classic Chinese reinterpreted with a modern touch. The property is covered in greenery and long riverways connecting different parts of the hotel are what bring everything together. There are 143 guestrooms with balconies and bathtub with views, as well as 56 individual villas with areas ranging from 70 to 150 square meters.

The perfect season for tranquility and rich flavors
Li Anlan / SHINE

Bathtubs in guestrooms offer a great view of the mountains.

The tea bar in the hotel lobby is a must-try if you are travelling to Wuyi Mountain for the first time. The local tea culture is reflected in the hotel’s design details and throughout the experience, starting from check-in when the staff serve small cups of Dahongpao tea. The hotel also has a partner tea supplier that produces some of the finest oolong and black teas.

Guests staying in the villa suites will have bamboo raft access into the hotel, some via private boat parking and some share public docks. The rafts can take guests around the property in leisurely style, as the weather in the mountain area is very pleasant year-round. The rafts are comfortable and peaceful, and the boatmen sometimes sing local folk ballads.

The perfect season for tranquility and rich flavors
Li Anlan / SHINE

A morning ride on a bamboo raft is a peaceful experience.

The hotel is blended into the life of the local town, where guests can find great local restaurants to sample the Wuyi flavors just next door.

Local scenic spots include a nature reserve, historic temples and mountains for exploring and discovery. And if you are planning something for the evening, “Impression Dahongpao” is an outdoor night show directed by Zhang Yimou that highlights the local mountains and tea culture. Daily performances take place in Wuyishan City, close to Nanping.

Address: 80 Fulongyan National Tourism Resort Wuyishan, Nanping, Fujian Province

The perfect season for tranquility and rich flavors
Li Anlan / SHINE

The swimming pool is bright and offers a view of the waterways.

Big Brew BBQ serves up hot skewers, sizzling clay pots

The Brew at Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai has launched an amazing Big Brew BBQ deal with all-you-can-eat barbecue skewers, clay pot dishes, noodles and dumplings plus 2-hour unlimited craft beer and hot beverages, all for 228 yuan (US$33) per person.

The barbecue skewers include lamb, steak, chicken, squid, mini crabs and more. Squid grilled with a rich sauce is extra tender and flavorful, and the sweet corn baked with the husk is now in season.

The sizzling clay pots are cooked fresh with every order. There are three classic recipes: beef with white radish, abalone and chicken feet, and duck with yam. The portion size is small so you can taste a bit of everything without overeating.

The perfect season for tranquility and rich flavors
Li Anlan / SHINE

Beef with white radish clay pot

Sichuan-style skewers featuring beef tripe, kelp, duck gizzard and more are very rich in flavor. For the staples, the restaurant’s famous curry laksa is a must-try and you can customize your bowl to include more vegetables and less noodles. There’s also hot and sour glass noodles and sea urchin dumplings.

The dessert and beverage stations have three Chinese-style hot beverages that are perfect for the early autumn chill: ginger milk tea, almond milk and pear juice.

The Big Brew BBQ is served every Friday and Saturday from 5:30 to 8:30 pm until November 14.

Address: 1388 Huamu Rd

Tel: 6169-8886

The perfect season for tranquility and rich flavors
Li Anlan / SHINE

Lamb skewers

New beef themed menu at KABB

KABB has introduced an all-new fall menu highlighting beef, starting from a rich bowl of Hungarian-style beef soup, made with cubes of beef and served with a piece of toasted bread.

The main entry of the season is grilled tomahawk steak served with cauliflower puree, well-seasoned with sea salt and rosemary.

On the lighter side, there’s a new grilled steak salad tossed with mustard vinaigrette for freshness. The spicy pasta with M3 beef tendon is a staple not to be missed this season. There’s an elegant touch of balsamic vinegar in the sauce to bring the rich meats and noodles together.

The early fall cocktail menu features a passionfruit mojito and blossom gin and tonic.

Address: LG1-142, iapm mall, 999 Huaihai Rd M.

Tel: 6448-3039

The perfect season for tranquility and rich flavors
Ti Gong

Grilled tomahawk steak with cauliflower puree

MOTT539 introduces Xiangshan small seafood season

Fall is the best time to sample rich seafood, and small delicacies like squid, cuttlefish, clams and crabs are real treats.

Sourcing the freshest seafood every day from Xiangshan, a county in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, MOTT539’s new seafood menu includes seafood braised in spicy sauce, cuttlefish seasoned with green peppercorn sauce, steamed meiziyu with fish maw, gazami crab that’s cut in half and steamed over a piece of salt-cured meat, as well as razor clams stewed with mature cucumber.

Address: 539 Fuxing Rd M.

Tel: 3356-6575

The perfect season for tranquility and rich flavors
Ti Gong

Steamed gazami crab

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