Leading fashion brands roll out latest collections

Tan Weiyun
The spring/summer lines from MUKZIN, Angel Chen and VIYA NIYA draw on diverse sources of inspiration.
Tan Weiyun


The brand’s spring/summer collection finds its inspiration in the intangible cultural heritage of Tibetan embroidery, trying to answer the question "how does exotic tradition become modern fashion?”

Designer Han Wen has her own answer with the runway show "Jia Long,” named after the traditional hairstyle of Tibetan women. Young girls learn the pattern from their mothers on the coming-of-age ceremony to carry forward the tradition.

Growth and inheritance are the inspiration of MUKZIN this season. 

"It’s the second time to choose intangible cultural heritage as my fashion show’s theme,” said Han. "We hope to add more modernity to the ancient Tibetan embroidery, which appears in the patterns of flowers and fruits, all good blessings and auspicious totems in the Tibetan ethnic group.”

The collection features big silhouettes with clean-cut lines inspired from the Tibetan clothes, while the accessories are added with more silver elements to make them cool and neutral. The hard-line outer coat is matched with silky inner shirts, which balances the man’s strength and femininity. 

Leading fashion brands roll out latest collections
Ti Gong

Shanghai pop singer Huang Lin sports a MUKZIN outfit.

Angel Chen 

The spring/summer 2021 collection incubated in a digital conversation between artist Wang Jiajia and designer Angel Chen sharing work, bouncing ideas, looking back at their experiences in the light of the evolution of their respective creative processes.

Chen and Wang both studied at Central Saint Martins in London. Chen graduated in fashion design while Wang acquired honors in art & design. While the two did not experience Central Saint Martins simultaneously, their personal lives and works share many similarities. Both benefited from multi-cultural assimilation and both now devote themselves to shaping a leading role in their work – either fashion or art.

Wang’s creations, exclusive to this collection, are a continuation of his solo exhibition "Elegant, Circular, Timeless" presented at SPURS Gallery in Beijing earlier this year. The vibrant colors, the messaging, all pivotal elements in the works of Wang, take on a new dimension when adorning Chen’s garments.

Chen’s colorful approach to fashion and fusion of the East and West has become her trademark. The same way she expertly manipulates color, she instinctively and naturally inserts Wang’s artistry in the collection.

The result is an impactful collection strong in vitality and sentiment. Chen’s signature styles find stamina against Wang’s works in print by adding a cover of transparent sequins, and her choice of carefully sprinkled upcycled Swarovski crystals, to further spotlight color strokes.

Leading fashion brands roll out latest collections
Ti Gong

Angel Chen's spring/summer 2021 collection


Livestreaming star Viya’s fashion brand launched its collaboration with International Top-tier Innovation Business (ITIB), releasing the spring/summer 2021 collection last week during the Shanghai Fashion Week.

Taobao’s biggest influencer, who boasted a single two-hour livestreaming sales volume of over 267 million yuan (US$39.8 million), also walked the runway in Helen Lee’s design.

The latest collection was a joint release from the livestreaming queen and the world’s eight elite designers, including Nicolas Andreas Taralis, Valentina Tortorella, Giulio D'alessio, Hwansung Park from South Korea, as well as independent designer Wan Yifang, Helen Lee, Li Wei and Shine Li.

A total of 48 show looks, covering ready-to-wear to accessories in varied styles from elegant urban lady to vanguard independent girl, showed women’s diverse charms. The runway show was also broadcast through Viya’s livestreaming, so that the public could place their orders simultaneously, breaking the barrier between the high fashion world and ordinary consumers.

“The fashion trends are always rolling forward with new ideas. There should be no limitation on any styles or designs,” Viya said. “No matter if it’s on the runway, in my livestreaming studio or in everyday life, I want to provide more styles and choices for those who are eager to show their life attitude and personality through what they wear.” 

Leading fashion brands roll out latest collections
Ti Gong

Viya in Helen Lee 

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