Leading fashion brands ring in holiday season

Tan Weiyun
Hermès Maison in Shanghai unveiled its winter window displays. Bally is presenting a collection to increase global warming awareness and Swatch introduced two new art specials.
Tan Weiyun


Leading fashion brands ring in holiday season
Ti Gong

Hermès men’s window display 

Hermès Maison in Shanghai recently unveiled its winter window displays, designed by French artist Lorenzo Papace to celebrate the holiday season.

In the installation titled “Assembling Wonder," finely crafted Hermès’ decorations — leather bags, accessories, scarves, tea sets and furniture — rejoice the holiday season while showcasing Hermès’ innovative spirit.

The windows portray an intimate celebration where little people in cartoon images take part in a party comprised of music and laughter. The men’s window depicts preparations the characters make prior to the celebration. They stand in shoes to set up the “signboard” — a men’s scarf with colored prints — while others fly with festive ribbons (men’s ties) on staggered terraces and staircases.

Festivities are in full swing in the women's window, full of joy, merriment and singing. Little characters unload containers (leather bags) on the wooden scaffold, and pillows serving as footsteps add softness and warmth to the winter window.

On weekends, patrons can make their own New Year Calendar with Hermès’ materials and fabrics.

As an art and film director and music composer, Papace specializes in scenography, stop-motion and photography. Shifting between different artistic mediums, he delivers a novel sensory experience in the winter window displays through his unique creations.

The artist also extends this celebration with a specially designed lighting installation that creates a joyful spectacle of warmth and colors over Hermès Maison.


Leading fashion brands ring in holiday season
Ti Gong

Bally's Peak Outlook Capsule campaign

Swiss luxury brand Bally is presenting an exclusive Peak Outlook Capsule Collection — photographed by Swiss environmental activist and artist Michel Comte in Switzerland's Rhône Glacier — to increase awareness of global warming.

The limited-edition capsule of 37 eco-friendly products inspired by nature, includes collaborations with Swiss water bottle maker Sigg, Japanese outdoor apparel and gear provider Snow Peak and Italian footwear soles maker Vibram. Net proceeds will be donated to the Bally Peak Outlook Foundation, whose mission is to safeguard the world's fragile mountains.

The campaign features the glacier partially covered in an expansive UV blanket, which helps preserve it by reflecting sunlight and reducing seasonal melting up to 70 percent.

The collection includes men's and women's ready-to-wear designs, merging Bally's innovation with technical functionality. Made in Italy, thermal sets, padded hoodies, water-resistant shells and t-shirts are made of recycled materials. Accessories, such as climbing-inspired bracelets, belts, key holders, gloves and socks are also made with eco-friendly synthetics and yarns.

The Bally Peak Outlook capsule collection will be available in select stores around the world and online at Bally.com.


Leading fashion brands ring in holiday season
Ti Gong

Swatch's two new art specials: TIME’S MAGIC and POWER OF MAGIC 

Swiss watchmaker Swatch is presenting two new art specials — TIME’S MAGIC and POWER OF MAGIC — created by South Korean-born artist Dorothy M Yoon to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai.

The relation between Yoon and Swatch resembles a love story that started in 2017 during her artist residency at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, which is where “This Moment is Magic” evolved. Diagnosed with cancer five years earlier, the artist’s treatment involved an analgesic injection that she said felt like a magic wand, enlightening one of the darkest moments of her life in the form of Saekdong, a traditional Korean multi-colored pattern. Core to her art since the concept was born, the magic wand and joyful colors continue to appear in her subsequent works.

“I’ve always loved the idea of having a magic stick," Yoon said. “With a swift movement of your wrist you can become whatever you want, save the world or be a superstar. I believe these two watches give colorful, positive, magical energy and comfort to people.”

The POWER OF MAGIC is limited to 1976 pieces. It carries the magic wand and comes in special 3D packaging, shining bright in Saekdong colors. 

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