Buzzword:轻奢青旅 poshtel

Song Xinyi Liu Xiaolin
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Song Xinyi Liu Xiaolin
Buzzword:轻奢青旅 poshtel

轻奢青旅 qīng shē qīng lǚ


The portmanteau combine the word posh and hostel. It refers to upscale or luxury hotels that offer simple, and often shared, budget-priced accommodations with the addition of luxe amenities and social events. This type of accommodation is a rising trend, as it fuses the social aspects affiliated to hostels with the comforts related to hotels.

This accommodation type is suitable for those who enjoy staying in boutique hotels but with limited travel budget. Many poshtels offer amazing rates in expansive cities and a range of privacy options. And they encourage guests to mingle in common areas and on-site bars.

Additionally, the facilities such as restaurants, cafe and bars offered often outperform the ones offered at regular hostels in concern to quality, design and service offered. Thereby they are able to attract the local market as well, driving more business towards the concept.

住在市中心的轻奢青旅能让你省下一大笔交通 费。

Zhù zài shìzhōngxīn de qīng shē qīng lǚ néng ràng nǐ shěng xià yī dà bǐ jiāotōng fèi.

Staying in a luxury hostel that’s centrally located can save you from spending a lot of money on transportation.

Buzzword:轻奢青旅 poshtel

The phrase derived from its homonym “网易云” — Netease Cloud Music — a freemium music streaming service. 

网抑云 wǎng yì yún

fake depression/attention-seeking/being phony

The phrase derived from its homonym “网易云” — Netease Cloud Music — a freemium music streaming service. The platform, with more than 800 million registered accounts, believes that the comment section is one of its strongest features. Young people increasingly use the comment section to pour out personal pain, anonymously expressing grief, sadness, and day-to-day struggles.

Thus the app is dubbed “Netease Depression Cloud.” Many people accuse of those who fabricating trauma to gain likes, and the term has become the synonym of fake depression, attention-seeking or being phony.


Báitiān wǎng yì yún, shēnyè wǎng yì yún.

Listen to the music on Netease Could Music during the day, fake sad words on its comment section just for attention at midnight.

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