Hermès opens its heart for poor children

Tan Weiyun
Hermès China is supporting poverty-stricken children in need of heart surgeries with a donation of 874,000 yuan to the Ai You Foundation.
Tan Weiyun
Hermès opens its heart for poor children
Ti Gong

The limited-edition silk twill scarf La source de Pégase

Hermès China is warming up the city’s winter by supporting poverty-stricken children in need of heart surgeries.

The luxury brand recently donated 874,000 yuan (US$133,897) to the Ai You Foundation, a national 5A-grade organization founded in 2004 that caters to children's welfare.

The donated money came from Hermès’ charity scarf project, 750 limited-edition 90x90cm silk twill scarves featuring a design by French artist Pierre Marie.

The festive scarves influenced by Greek mythology depict Pegasus, a divine creature with radiating wings surrounded by muses dancing in an amusing setting. This special scarf stands out with its unique composition that combines an exquisite design with bold colors.

Faithful to Hermès’ values of solidarity and social welfare, the scarf project supports the foundation by elevating the level of surgical treatments for congenital heart disease in pediatrics, as well as enhancing the application of precise medical technology via 3D printing in clinical treatment.

“When it comes to heart surgery on a child who has a small heart and low weight, a doctor is required to do it quickly and precisely,” said Liu Jinfen, a top pediatric cardiovascular surgeon who has helped countless children with congenital heart diseases lead healthy lives. “With 3D printing technology, we can practice in advance on a real-size model of children's hearts to come up with the best solution. I express my heartfelt thanks for the donation on behalf of the children and their families.”

The foundation’s first systematic charity project “Ai You Young Heart” began in 2006, and has provided treatment and rescue services to orphaned and needy children with congenital heart disease.

These limited-edition scarves are available in Hermès stores across the country.

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