What is an ideal country life like in Shanghai?

Lin Lixin
Urban dwellers are growing increasingly weary of the hustle and bustle of city life and yearn for a more bucolic countryside environment.
Lin Lixin

What do you expect in rural Shanghai other than ease and leisure?

"Counter-urbanization," a recent trendy topic, shows that many urban residents are bored with living in cities and eager to be close to nature, as the natural environment is more enjoyable with lush mountains, clear water, chattering birds and fragrant flowers.

Scenes depicted in ancient Chinese poems are brought back to life.

Just imagine there's no KPI, no Internet, no crowded streets, no flashing lights ... only the harmony between man and nature and the joy of meeting with friends.

Then what to host your friends in a beautiful and relaxing Shanghai countryside?

Enter "iDEAL Dining 2021: The Field of Hope."

"iDEAL Dining" is a charity project initiated by Shanghai Daily in 2020. The series of events aims to build a bridge between man and nature as well as countryside and city through food.

This year, under the theme of "The Field of Hope," the project went to Shanghai's suburban Qingpu District to try original local flavors.

Through this project, you can find creative inspirations, see the future of countryside, or just enjoy the most beautiful scenes of rural Shanghai.

Who have been invited to share ideas about the "Chinese way of rural revitalization" with Shanghai Daily?

The answer is coming soon ...

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