Why you should love the charming city of Shanghai

Zhu Ying
The first episode of "A City of Charm: Reasons to Love Shanghai" features the story of Wu Liqiang, who thinks Shanghai is elegant, graceful and miraculous.
Zhu Ying

Why is life so good in Shanghai? The newly released video series "A City of Charm" with 100 episodes will probably help with the answer.

The first season of the series, themed "Reasons to Love Shanghai," examines the city's development with stories from photographers, painters, sculptors, Chinese opera artists and inheritors of Chinese traditional crafts.

The first episode features the story of photographer Wu Liqiang, who thinks Shanghai is a miraculous, graceful city with accommodating composure and elegant connotations.

If you've seen the new Shanghai-dialect romantic film "B for Busy," you'll quickly associate the character Lao Wu with Wu riding a stylish bike to get around the city and enjoying coffee.

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