CHJ InCity begins month-long Gen-Z festival

Li Qian
Designed to attract the internet-savvy Gen-Z youth, a month-long festival at CHJ InCity is bringing anime, cyberpunk, DIY workshops, music and other activities to the tech park.
Li Qian
CHJ InCity begins month-long Gen-Z festival
Ti Gong

A Gen-Z festival is open at the CHJ InCity.

A month-long festival especially designed for the youth has opened at CHJ InCity.

CHJ InCity, hailed as Shanghai's first commercial complex in a high technology park, is designed for the Internet-savvy Gen Z, introducing cyberpunk, anime and other elements while being home to over 4,000 high technology companies in the Caohejing Development Zone.

Various activities like DIY workshops, live music and improv will be on offer through June 15.

The highlight is an exhibition in the atrium where people can visit a mini-sized museum of broken relationships, enjoy cat snoring as white noise for a nap and take part in other activities that are popular among the youth.

There's also a coffee bazaar and a car show to display global limited edition F1 race cars.

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