Cupple offers a unique way to have a cup of coffee

HAVE your favorite photo printed on your daily latte. Toast with a glass of coffee beer. Drink an orange. Get a bag of personalized coffee beans in 10 minutes.

Have your regular latte 3D printed for free at Cupple, a new spacious cafe on Shaanxi Road S.

HAVE your favorite photo printed on your daily latte. Toast with a glass of coffee beer. Drink an orange. Get a bag of personalized coffee beans in 10 minutes.

You can do all the above things at Cupple, a newly opened café on Shaanxi Road South. Cupple, a combination of English words “cup” and “people,” is specialized in drinks with house baked bread and light meals.

The café boasts over 300 square meters in size, spreading over two floors with a backyard and a rooftop terrace. The elegant white décor separates the heat from the outside. The open counter displays the café’s dessert and bread collections, which allows customers to peek at the making of drinks and food.

It’s tempting for coffee addicts that Cupple provides a personalized coffee roasting service. Claiming to be the first of its kind in China, the roasting machine can roast coffee beans ranging from 100 grams to 1 kilogram within 20 minutes. Normally, it only takes 10 minutes to roast 200 grams of beans. Choosing from seven different beans, you can select the single origin beans you like or mix and match different beans (you decided the percentage of each single origin) for an espresso blend. The roast level is up to your taste too! The service is charged at 108 yuan (US$16), 128 yuan, and 158 yuan respectively based on beans.

Cupple also provides a special service to regulars. You are welcomed to have your beans roasted to your preference, leave them in store and have your personalized beans brewed every time you visit. For example, a handdrip coffee (normal price at 40 to 48 yuan) will charge 20 yuan for brewing only using your own beans.

You will love the 3D printing add-on to your regular latte. At no extra cost, you can get your best photo printed on your coffee by simply scanning a QR code and uploading your photo. Remember to choose photos with a light background for a better “printing” quality.

Coffee beer is not a new concept nowadays. But usually, the “beer” has no alcohol at all but a coffee filled with nitrogen. At Cupple, named “BBC (42 yuan),” the coffee beer contains real beer while the barista will demonstrate how to consume and play with the drink.

If you like fruit juice, try its orange juice! A “stick” mashes directly inside the fruit, leaving you to “drink” a whole orange from a straw in seconds. Well, the idea is cool but it reminds you of how many oranges actually contain in a glass of juice.

The café also develops its own healthy alternatives to plain water. Three kinds of different naturally flavored water are offered for customers daily for free: lettuce rosemary & lemon, grapefruit, orange & lemon, and apple/pear carrot & mint.

If you love to have a glass of wine after work, you may find some nice wine for a fair price here. However, you have to buy a whole bottle plus 49 yuan service charge. See? Friends are in need!


Opening hours: 10am-10pm

Tel: 6408-6656

Address: 53 Shaanxi Rd S.

Average price: 50 yuan

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