Worship in the temple of a healthy diner

Nowadays, a healthy life is becoming more important than ever, so a light meal has been a trend among the whitecollared workers and youth.

Nowadays, a healthy life is becoming more important than ever, so a light meal has been a trend among the whitecollared workers and youth. Vegetarian food, salad and yogurt are believed to be beneficial to our body. This time, we have selected some light food restaurants, which are not only healthy, but also special. Sophie Wang guides.

Shushui is small, crowded and full of beans

★ Highlight: delicious soy food


Shushui Restaurant is small and crowded, but worth trying. the name “shushui” means beans and water, referring to those poor people who could only eat beans and water in ancient China.

All the dishes here are vegetarian food, and most of them are made by beans.

Crisp Lion’s Mane Mushroom and shanghai-style salted bean curd are among the must-tries. the taste of the mushroom is really like pork chop, which is crispy and delicious.

The bean curd is mixed with pickle, sea sedge and chopped green onion, which tastes clean, tender and smooth.

For main course, noodle in sour soup and special mixed rice is recommended. With special mushroom sauce, the mixed rice is really tasty. For drinks, various kinds of soybean milk are good choices.

TONO’S is an eatery with a taste of Hawaii

★ Highlight: tasty Hawaii poke


This new restaurant called tONO’s has already attracted many customers. it features beef and seafood and salad and rice are both available.

Hawaii poke is a highlight here, which is a seafood rice mixed with a special sauce. salmon poke is the most popular dish, as it’s fresh and tasty.

Cranberry yogurt is also among the must-tries. the yogurt is not so sweet, as the fruit inside has a delicate taste.

For sandwich, low-fat chicken salad and vegetarian quinoa salad are both recommended.

Nesting with a cosy cuppa at Nest Cha

★ Highlight: a good afternoon tea with bird’s nest


Commodious and quiet, Nest Cha is a good place for afternoon tea. using blue as its main color, the decoration inside is vintage and artistic.

The restaurant features bird’s nest, which has health enhancing effects such as anti-ageing and growth promoting. All the bird’s nests here come from Ronghetang, which is a famous singapore healthy food company.

Bird’s nest stewed in snow pear is a must-try. the bird’s nest itself tastes clean, so it pairs sweet water to add more flavors. After you finish the bird’s nest, a waiter will cut the pear into pieces for you to eat.

All the bird’s nests here come in three sizes. if you want a big afternoon tea set, you can try the gold birdcage afternoon tea set, which is a perfect combination of Chinese dim sum and English afternoon tea.

Bird’s nest egg tarts and mooncakes are also good desserts, which are also suitable for takeout.

Fresh, rich and cheap

★ Highlight: fresh, rich and cheap salad


Light Kitchen features a takeout service. Food here is fresh, rich and cheap. Most of the dishes are salad based, while there are also sandwiches and rice.

Chicken breast and avocado salad and sole fish and tofu salad are among the must-tries. Chicken and fish are fresh and juicy, while ingredients include: avocado, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes, nuts and lettuce. Another highlight here is beef taco, which is a little spicy. it tastes better when paired with sour cream.

Vegetarian sandwich and tuna sandwich are also worth trying.

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