Chic vibe for the city's wine and fusion food lovers

Opened last month, the de Carbon Bar on Nanjing Road West is a new BBQ bar that celebrates creative cocktails, wines and fusion style menu.

Opened last month, the de Carbon Bar on Nanjing Road West is a new BBQ bar that celebrates creative cocktails, wines and fusion style menu.

The space has an industrial décor and dim lights to compose an up- beat, chic vibe for the city’s food and wine lovers.

The menu is a blend of eastern and western cooking and ingredients. Like the slow roasted chicken is paired with a fermented bean curd dressing (half of chicken for 118 yuan), and the charcoal grill spaghetti is served with dark garlic oil, mullet roe, truffle paste and sous side egg (128 yuan).

For starters, the kale salad with cranberry, orange, pumpkin seeds, feta cheese and honey mustard dressing (68) is a delightful and refreshing dish to cheer up the palate.

The great cocktails from the bar can be paired with the squid tentacles with koji and lemon oil (68 yuan), a slightly sour appetizer with strong smoky flavor. The capelin fish with potato and guacamole (58 yuan) is a rich flavored alternative.

Li Anlan / SHINE

The capelin fish with potato and guacamole (58 yuan).

The mulard duck platter (198 yuan) is a main for two to three people to share. It includes a generous serving of roasted duck breast and two French style duck leg confit.

The dish is served with a jalapeno chimichurri. Overall, the well-seasoned duck legs are definitely a win but the breast is a little dry and under seasoned, and the dressing is on the sour side.

But diners can choose their favorite dressings from the menu (15 yuan each) that include some creative recipes like roasted onion ginger sauce, spicy shoyu koji sauce and fermented bean curd dressing.

For seafood fans, the grilled turbot with homemade herbs oil (248 yuan) and clam bake featuring sweet shrimps, mussels, corn, sausage and mushroom (248 yuan) are also great for share.

The vegetables sides priced 38 or 48 yuan are delicious, especially the string beans with chopped arugula and parmesan cheese (38 yuan).

Ti Gong

The mulard duck platter (198 yuan).

The highlight of de Carbon Bar is no doubt its charcoal grill, which uses the Binchotan, a high carbon Japanese white charcoal made from oak that adds a charming smoky flavor to the meats and vegetables. The kitchen also positioned cameras to stream the actions of the grill for the guests who can watch it on the big flat screen TV.

De Carbon Bar is the sister brand of OPPOSITE by Jenson & Hu, a very friendly restaurant opened in the neighborhood of Jianguo and Jiashan roads a year ago. Both restaurants emphasize on fresh ingredients that are sourced directly from the places of origin, like live seafood from Qingdao and the Wagyu beef from northeastern China.

On nice weather days, diners can also sit outside to enjoy the food and wine in natural breeze.

Ti Gong

De Carbon Bar's industrial décor composes a chic vibe.


Opening hours

Lunch: 11:30am-2:30pm

Dinner: 5:30-10:30pm

Bar: 5:30pm-midnight

Address: Unit 104, 688 Nanjing Rd W.

Average price: 260 yuan

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