Sushi Takumi serves an exquisite taste of Japan

Shanghai is not short of Japanese fine dining and most of them are hidden behind the city's leafy streets and designed for sophisticated diners.

Shanghai is not short of Japanese fine dining and most of them are hidden behind the city’s leafy streets and designed for sophisticated diners with an appetite for nothing but the best. 

Sushi Takumi is one of the best venues to celebrate Japan’s finest cuisine. Omakase, which loosely translates to “I will leave it up to you,” is an elaborate multi-course meal that may be considered to be the ultimate Japanese dining experience.

Two different Omakase sets are on offer, priced at 580 and 880 yuan. I opted for the 880 yuan full experience, which took about two-and-a-half hours to finish, because the meal included sake pairing. Add fish freshly flown in from Japan, and it’s of no surprise to find omakase is quite pricey. However, the set pricing here is relatively reasonable. 

The drink list is equally attractive, leaning heavy on a sake selection the restaurant owner, William Zhang, is proud of. 

Yang Di / SHINE

Sushi Takumi offers premium sashimi and sushi courses.

The extensive sake menu highlights the house’s four specialties that go well with the dinner set, yet each has its own unique character appealing to different palates. There are more than 50 kinds of sakes, from different Japanese regions to choose from. They also offer a special sake from Japan that is rarely found anywhere in Shanghai.

Zhang offers a true authentic Japanese gourmet experience in the city. Besides Sushi Takumi, he also opened a popular yakitori, Torishou on Fuxing Road W. and Unagi Ryuu on Changle Road that specializes in grilled freshwater eel.

The exquisite experience started with a premium selection of appetizers alongside equally impressive Japanese tableware. I particularly enjoyed sake steamed abalone with a hint of abalone liver sauce. Words fail to describe the delightful texture and flavor.  

The sashimi and sushi courses that followed were absolutely divine and ensured a true premium Japanese dining experience. And it was a privilege to watch the sushi chef demonstrating his skills while indulging in such delicacies. 

The amazing experience was accompanied by four kinds of sake pairing. With such precise pairing, the flavors increased as the meal progressed, while the service was impeccable by the friendly staff.


Opening hours: 5:30pm-10:30pm

Tel: 5403-5521

Address: 1221-2 Changle Rd

Average price: 900 yuan

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