Japanese dining in an intimate, subdued ambience

For yakiniku dining in Shanghai with flair, in an intimate, subdued ambience, visit Yoshiraku Yakiniku.

For yakiniku dining in Shanghai with flair, in an intimate, subdued ambience, visit Yoshiraku Yakiniku.

It’s a 46-seat space where diners can enjoy a delicious barbecue made from carefully selected high-quality meat cooked on a tabletop grill.

Another newly opened eatery, founded by restaurateur William Zhang, is inspired by an ultra-small yakiniku eatery “Jiroumaru” in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

“Only a 20-square-meter space, it was such an amazing concept that the only thing you focus on is between you and the high-quality grilling meat at your leisure,” he said. “It’s all about quality than the quantity. You can order just one slice of high-quality wagyu beef from their over 20 varieties of domestic Japanese wagyu beef — perfect for a one person meal.”

The eatery has been compared to many yakiniku restaurants in town. From its premium selection of meat, you can try a bit of everything because each order starts from one slice of meat. The staff is attentive and willing to give recommendations to people who don’t have any idea what to order.

It is not recommended to go there in big groups because the seats are limited and all designed to have an intimate meal.

Japanese dining in an intimate, subdued ambience
Courtesy of Yoshiraku Yakiniku / Ti Gong

Grilled meat

Zhang found a special supplier let him select the some of the best wagyu and Angus beef from Australia, Canada and the United States, including very rare beef cheek that is perfect for grilling.

There is a wide selection of “one slice meat” orders, so even one person can  enjoy the delicious different cuts on the grill.

Then you have the option to choose a favorite that suits your taste. The different specific names of the meat might be confusing but the staff will kindly explain it to you and recommend the seasoning and choices.

I personally enjoyed the Chateaubriand, short rib, chuck tender and shoulder tender. The pricing for each slice starts from 8 yuan to 58 yuan.

Aside from the grilled meet, their appetizers, like pickled cabbages, wasabi octopus, raw beef meat and signature tripe salad help enhance the flavor of the food.

Zhang hopes everyone will come to Yoshiraku and enjoy the very best of the restaurant — from its daily selection of the beef meat to Japanese sake, spirits and shochu.

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