Currify's modern Indian dishes at affordable prices

Currify is an emerging Indian food franchise that serves simple curries and Indian dishes at affordable prices.
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Currify is an emerging Indian food franchise that serves simple curries and Indian dishes at affordable prices.

Currify is not a traditional Indian restaurant, serving the most authentic Indian food, it’s a modern concept that serves fast, more easily accepted Indian cuisine.

The restaurant on Taixing Road is split into two sections: bar and tables with high chairs in the front and dining area in the back. It’s rather dark and very close to the Nanjing Road W. metro station.

The butter chicken (48 yuan) is one of the restaurant’s bestsellers and worth a try. The curry is not very strong, not overly salty either, but very creamy. The chunks of chicken were well cooked, very flavorful and tender.

A highlight of the meal was Currify’s lamb tikka (56 yuan), which was roasted lamb and spiced fries served with a refreshing dipping sauce. The lamb was delicious and the fries were exceptional. The dish was served hot, and it’s a perfect comfort dish for the winter season — just don’t count the calories.

Currify's modern Indian dishes at affordable prices
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 The tandoori chicken pizza is a popular dish. 

The coconut vegetable curry (42 yuan) was mild. The coconut and spice worked together wonderfully, but the variety and quantity of the vegetables in the dish was a bit lacking. The curry menu also features items like panner tikka masala, vegetable kadai, palak paneer and more. If you are a fan of the grill, there are various grilled chicken dishes like Tandoori chicken (56 yuan), honey chicken wings (48 yuan) and a comprehensive meat platter offering a little bit of everything (88 yuan).

The warm and crispy naan that comes with the curries was excellent.

Each curry dish comes with one naan or the options of white or brown rice, though you’ll need more than one naan to finish the bowl of curry. An additional plain naan is 10 yuan per piece and they also offer cheese, garlic and butter naans for a higher price.

The tandoori chicken pizza (42 yuan) is another popular dish. The very thin pizza is a little bit spicy in flavor, and other toppings included bell pepper, cheese and mushrooms. For beverage, Currify makes a good Masala tea (15 yuan) as well as interesting cocktails, mocktails and lassis.

The food was served promptly at Currify during dinner peak hours. The table turnover rate was quite high and waiting for a seat didn’t take long on a weeknight. Service was OK but the staff were very busy.


Opening hours: 11am-10:30pm

Tel: 6380-2755

Address: 89 Taixing Rd

Average price: 90 yuan

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