C Pearl is a jewel in the crown of seafood

C Pearl claims itself as an artisanal oyster and seafood restaurant, yet its cured and dry aged meat is equally impressive.

C Pearl claims itself as an artisanal oyster and seafood restaurant, yet its cured and dry aged meat is equally impressive.

In fact, the restaurant, owned by the Oysterlicious Group China, pays equal attention to its seafood offerings, meat preparation, as well as its breads and pickles because creative mind, and the group’s executive chef Elijah Holland is passionate about everything in his culinary house.

With the exception of the large selection of imported seafood, the group is proud of its unique house-made charcuteries and dry aged meats which takes center stage, displayed boldly in fridges along the side of the restaurant and beyond the raw bar.

Making the most of the house’s ingredients is an essential part of C Pearl’s DNA. It allows the team to genuinely serve the customers better.

Courtesy of C Pearl / Ti Gong

C Pearl is proud of its unique house-made charcuteries. 

C Pearl’s decor is relatively less impressive than its mouth-watering menu and well-equipped kitchen, which boasts a charcoal grill and wood-fired oven. And be prepared to feel the flavors of smoke and fire in several house dishes.

My recent food journey at C Pearl kicked off with three types of freshly shucked oysters ranging from sweet and creamy to salty and mineral tone.

The beer battered oyster followed, deep fried to perfection, a popular way to enjoy oysters in Australia and New Zealand. Smoked salmon pastrami was a delightful appetizer: Thick slices of cold smoked king salmon served with pastrami spice, cold lemon chive cream and toasted brioche. The quality of the fish shone through.

Courtesy of Courtesy of C Pearl / Ti Gong

 Aged beef tartare

Aged beef tartare, quail yolk, puffed beef tendon was a creative version of the tartare I enjoyed. The meat was a dry aged sirloin cut, so if you are looking for a powerful punch of aged flavor, then go for it. The aromas fully unfolded on my plate. Pickled celery, toasted sesame seeds, smoked leek oil and quail egg yolk were favored to the usual condiments like onions and capers. The puffed beef tendon had a nice crunch. It was an unusual but well-done beef tartare.

The house smoked meats are highlights and the house platter is ever-changing. That evening I had beef bresaola, duck and black garlic salami, chorizo-style salami, duck breast prosciutto, pork and chili lonza — so special and so tasty.

C Pearl’s menu encourages relaxed dining and don’t finish your dinner without trying the signature seafood and meat prepared on the wood-fired grill and oven.


Opening hours: 11:30am-10pm

Tel: 5039-1597

Address: 5/F, Century Link Mall, 1192 Century Avenue

Average price: 400 yuan (US$59.54)

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