Summer delights and new venue at the city's iconic landmark

Li Anlan
Summer is about eating light, fresh – and seasonal delicacies.
Li Anlan

Yong Yi Ting: back to the root of Jiangnan cuisine

Tony Lu, consultant chef of Yong Yi Ting, the one-Michelin-star restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Pudong, has spent a year developing an all-new menu that embraces classic Jiangnan cuisine and the neighboring provinces of Zhejiang and Jiangsu.

Chilled bamboo shoots with spicy sour dressing (88 yuan/US$12.5) and marinated conch meat in Sichuan pepper dressing are two refreshing cold appetizers that have a hint of spiciness. 

Bamboo shoots are an all-time classic ingredient in Jiangnan cuisine and this dish emphasizes the crunchiness of the fresh shoots' tips.

Summer delights and new venue at the city's iconic landmark
Li Anlan / SHINE

Chilled bamboo shoots with spicy sour dressing

The slender bean curd soup with dried scallop (98 yuan per person) is a highlight of the meticulous and intricate knife skills of Huaiyang cuisine. 

The tender and soft tofu is sliced into hair-thin shreds and then made into a light and refreshing soup.

Plum fish is a small fish from Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, and has a delicate texture and flavor. 

The plum fish, priced at 38 yuan per 50 grams, can be prepared in four ways: steamed with salted mustard leaf and bamboo shoots, stewed with rice wine, deep-fried with spicy salt and steamed with scallion oil. Steaming is the best way to enjoy the original flavor of the fish.

Boiled baby octopus with scallion oil and soy (268 yuan) uses the unique small octopuses of Zhejiang, a traditional delicacy among the fishermen in the East China Sea. The octopuses are of the size of a pigeon egg, and cooking it briefly can best preserve the tenderness and flavor.

Summer delights and new venue at the city's iconic landmark
Li Anlan / SHINE

Boiled baby octopus with scallion oil and soy

A special vegetable dish is the arrowhead two-ways: deep-fried with spiced salt and wok-fried with leaks (128 yuan). The mushroom chips are crispy and lightly salty in flavor, which is a contrast to the soft, meaty fresh mushroom stir-fry.

In addition to the new a la carte menu, there is also a new Jiangnan dim sum menu.

The jade green steamed seafood dumplings with minced asparagus (66 yuan for 3 pieces) are among the most-ordered items. The triangle dumpling take a long time to prepare and taste just as fresh as they look.

The traditional rice dumplings known as cimaotuan are stuffed with soy preserved vegetables, which boasts a stronger, saltier flavor than pork filling (66 yuan for 4 pieces).

The classic dumpling with soup inside has been elevated with a red shrimp and minced pork filling. It’s served in tiny, individual bamboo steamers to maintain the proper temperature (38 yuan each).

All prices are subject to 15 percent service charge.

Address: 111 Pudong Rd S.

Tel: 2082-9978

Summer delights and new venue at the city's iconic landmark
Li Anlan / SHINE

Steamed seafood dumplings with minced asparagus (left) and cimaotuan stuffed with soy preserved vegetables

Summer showcase at the Morton’s 

The two Morton’s locations in Shanghai, the Morton’s Steakhouse Shanghai in the ifc mall and Morton’s Steak & Seafood Grille in the iapm mall, are now serving a new limited-edition summer menu.

The three-course menu has been designed to cater to a full range of tastes and preferences, whether you are a steak lover or fan of seafood.

A summer meal can start with a light appetizer, like the classic Caesar salad, toast topped with fresh ingredients or summer tomato bisque.

For the main, a classic choice is Morton’s 6-oz fillet mignon, a tender cut of steak that has little fat. The crispy chicken bianco is a hearty plate of meatier delights.

Summer delights and new venue at the city's iconic landmark
Li Anlan / SHINE

Taste of Toast (left) and 6-oz fillet mignon from Morton's new summer menu

On the lighter side, salmon served with warm farro salad, roasted peppers and feta cheese brings the taste of sea. The dish served at the ifc mall location is broiled salmon fillet, while at iapm the same dish is prepared with Ora King Salmon.

Morton’s also offer a vegetarian entrée, warm farro salad with roasted peppers and feta cheese, for those who are looking to eat light.

Each entrée comes with a choice of side, and the three options are also healthy and delectable – charred broccolini has always been a favorite vegetable to go with a good cut of steak, while the summer squash orzo with basil pesto is refreshing and just the right staple for the season. The classic mashed potatoes is also available.

Summer delights and new venue at the city's iconic landmark
Li Anlan / SHINE

Summer squash orzo with basil pesto (left) and classic mashed potatoes

The dessert list is traditional American style: chocolate mousse, mixed berries, short cake and whipped cream as well as crème brûlée.

The price of Morton’s summer menu is 458 yuan per person, plus 10 percent service charge. A bottle of STAG’s LEAP merlot from Napa Valley can be added for 788 yuan plus 10 percent service charge.

The offer is valid until the last day of August.

Address: 4/F, Shanghai ifc mall, 8 Century Ave, Pudong New Area

4/F, iapm mall, 999 Huaihai Rd M.

Tel: 6075-8888 (ifc), 6067-7888 (iapm)

Meuhst: new business lunch specials

French restaurant Meuhst located on the eighth floor of L+ Mall in Lujiazui, Pudong, now offers business lunch specials on weekdays starting from 68 yuan, which includes one starter, one main dish and a soft drink.

There are six starters to choose from, including Meuhst’s popular dishes like beef carpaccio (raw fillet with basil pesto, olive oil, arugula, pine nuts and parmesan) and tuna tartare (ahi tuna, avocado, sesame and soy dressing plus micro cress).

Meuhst’s crowd-favorite Flammenkuche is the main dish to keep you full and energetic for the afternoon. It’s a rich flavored pizza with cumin double cream, onion, bacon and cheese.

Meuhst was opened in the end of 2018 and can serve nearly 100 guests in its 100-square-meter space.

Address: 8/F, L+ Mall, 899 Pudong Rd S.

Tel: 6301-9999

Summer delights and new venue at the city's iconic landmark
Ti Gong


Shanghai Exhibition Center: new event venue, tea space and Cantonese restaurant

The HYH Maison is now open as a new event venue and lifestyle landmark in the historic Shanghai Exhibition Center.

Taking up the entire W2 Pavilion, the project was designed by an elite international team led by Yann Debelle de Montby to blend centuries of history and culture with luxurious modern elements.

The space now has 32 private dining rooms of different sizes, a top-notch wine cellar, XIE XIE tea brand and multifunctional banquet hall.

HYH Maison serves Cantonese cuisine as well as some local classics, prepared by a team of chefs with more than 20 years of experience. Their farm on Chongming Island supplies the restaurant with fresh produces. Of special note, the stir-fried sponge gourd is crunchy and sweet, and various siu mei dishes are also done nicely.

Summer delights and new venue at the city's iconic landmark
Li Anlan / SHINE

The wine cellar of HYH Maison can host various tastings and events

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