Loafing around is what O'Mills does best

Yang Di
O'Mills has opened a second location at Jing'an Kerry Center.
Yang Di

Shanghai has many tempting brunch options on offer but there are not many as good as O’Mills Bakery & Bistro, since it opened in 2018 on Yongjia Road. It’s not easy to secure a table in the cool, street-facing space over weekends and don’t be surprised by the long queue outside waiting for the joint’s freshly baked sourdoughs and delicious brunch items. But there is good news, for those frustrated about the wait around Jing’an District, O’Mills has opened a second location at Jing’an Kerry Center.

A waft of freshness hits you as you approach the beautiful outdoor area full of flowers and plants, creating a lovely outdoor environment for dining on a warmer day. The comforting feeling extends into the hip interior decorated with natural materials and greens. With a concept dedicated to healthy eating, the space is an oasis of delicious food from day to night.

Owner Shao Chenxia belongs to the first generation of food bloggers in China 13 years ago. She then ventured a bit further later and entered the restaurant business.

Loafing around is what OMills does best
Courtesy of O'Mills / Ti Gong

A waft of freshness hits you as you approach the beautiful outdoor area full of flowers and plants. 

Shao said O’Mills Bakery & Bistro is a reflection of her own living and eating concept. She added that she would love to expand her brand in the city and beyond China in the near future.

O’Mills was inspired by a trip to English countryside.

“I spent some time in the serene nature and enjoyed handmade sourdough bread, as well as trying some organic, healthy food there. This is why I created this brand. It’s all about homemade recipes using the non-polluted ingredients that can help spread health awareness,” she said.

The menu offers options for vegans and vegetarians but the key to O’Mills’ success lies in its creations with a balanced texture, flavor and colors, on a seasonal basis.

Loafing around is what OMills does best
Yang Di / SHINE

Burrata with pickles

The all-day brunch menu (served from 10am-5pm) offers a variety of delicious choices, from nut-free avocado toast, beef panini, to green giant flaxseed vegan burger and a fruit chia seed pudding bowl. Whatever you order, don’t forget to taste their homemade sourdough. O’Mills prides itself as one of the first to bring sourdough culture into Shanghai. It is made from wild yeast, water and flour, fermented for 72 hours to fully release the nutrition of the wheat and give the bread a signature subtle sourness.

An evening at O’Mills offers an intimate space for dining, accompanied by a good selection of natural wine. Try their wild yeast sourdough pizza with the unusual toppings, such as the grilled eel pizza and sun-dried cabbage with pork pizza.


Address: S1-02,03, South Block, Jing’an Kerry Center, 1515 Nanjing Rd W.

Opening hours: 8:30am-midnight

Tel: 6289-0217

Average price: 140 yuan (US$20.16)

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