Make a pour decision at Bar a Vin's food and wine

Yang Di
Bar a Vin's extensive collection of vino is sure to appeal to the metropolis' many wine connoisseurs.
Yang Di

Bar a Vin’s extensive collection of vino is sure to appeal to the metropolis’ many wine connoisseurs.

The newly-opened wine bar, situated inside an intimate two-level space facing Jiashan Road, is impressive inside. The wall display of wine bottles from different regions certainly catches the eye.

The space, mostly decked out in wood, gives off a somewhat vintage vibe often seen in Paris wine bars. And its dim-lit, cozy atmosphere guarantees a night to kick back and relax.

Red, white and sparkling wines are offered by the glass ranging from 58 to 98 yuan, with around eight choices available every night. However, the staff encourages guests to pick a bottle or two from joint’s “wine wall,” with some guidance.

Make a pour decision at Bar a Vins food and wine
Yang Di / SHINE

There are about eight choices of wine by the glass.

Owner Jeff Yao is one of the city’s most renowned sommeliers and is happy to share his profound wine knowledge with any wine lover. He has privileged access to some of the most niche wine labels from throughout the world’s many different wine regions.

Pair your glass with plates like charcuterie and cheese, pickles or delicious seafood.

All of the food items are written in English on a blackboard, similar to a French bistro, and most of the dishes are prepared with simplicity and freshness in mind.

I picked several dishes for sharing. Tiger prawns, burrata and razor clams are all good starters to pair with a glass of white wine. To my surprise, the portions were much bigger than expected.

Make a pour decision at Bar a Vins food and wine
Yang Di / SHINE

Grilled sea bass

For the hot dishes, I tried their daily special, mussels, grilled sea bass and duck breast.

The mussels were not impressive but the grilled sea bass and duck breast were good picks. The whole fish was lightly grilled with zucchini, Italian parsley and lemons. The simple preparation was excellent, keeping the original textures and flavors of fish meat, which paired well with the house white from Portugal’s Ribatejo wine region.

The duck breast, a bit overcooked, tasted good, combined with the sweetness from the cranberry sauce.

The place is extremely popular these days and booking in advance is highly recommended.


Opening hours: 6pm-1am

Tel: 137-6440-5071

Address: 87 Jiashan Rd

Average price: 300 yuan

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