New autumn menus to delight your taste buds

Yang Wenjie
Mercedes me, The Bund and Shanghai Disney Resort are two places where local diners can find the freshest, most fragrant flavors of fall.
Yang Wenjie

Autumn is the season of harvest, when the maple leaves turn red and gingkos turn golden. It is also the time to nourish yang (hot) energy. Two local eateries launched new autumn menus to entertain taste buds with fresh ingredients and warm treats in the golden fall.

Mercedes me, The Bund

Mercedes me, The Bund, a trendy combination of Mercedes-Benz showroom, retail space and restaurants, is a good dining option.

While the Chinese restaurant fuses Cantonese cooking style with ingredients from southwestern China, the Western one tries to innovate while highlighting the theme of nature. 

Sifang Sanchuan, featuring southwestern Chinese cuisine on the second floor, brings out the freshness of ingredients such as seafood, mushrooms and vegetables.

New autumn menus to delight your taste buds
New autumn menus to delight your taste buds

Thinly sliced king oyster mushroom fried with crispy crust and sprinkled with seasoned black truffle, this dish can kick start any feast.

And more await with the stock simmering four hours for chicken soup, dried scallop and ham gives a lift to a stew of delicacies from the mountain, fried lobster and abalone cooked to be salty and a little spicy and yellow croaker boiled with crab meat right in the season.

Fashion Restaurant on the first floor hand offers pan seared goose liver, side smoked eel and balsamic dressing as well as pan seared scallops decorated with “wave” pumpkin puree.

Charcuterie cheese platter and coconut and earl gray tea mousse are among the updated delights.

Address: 600 Zhongshan Road E2, Bund Finance Center

Tel: 6033-5833

New autumn menus to delight your taste buds
New autumn menus to delight your taste buds

Royal Banquet Hall at Shanghai Disney Resort

In celebration of the spooky season, the resort is rolling out an amazing array of pumpkin-flavored offerings. There's something delectable for everyone, whether you crave sweet treats or a family feast. Those looking for something a little more regal can head to the Royal Banquet Hall, where a delicious four-course Halloween set menu can be found waiting to fill guests with warming family favorites.

The chefs use slowly stewed chicken soup to match the cream cheese tortellini, which is light, yet hearty and satisfying, especially during the cooler season.  

The roasted fillet wrapped with mushroom duxelle and puff pastry is highly recommended. The beef is tender and the flavor is rich. Carrots are cut in the shape of Micky Mouse.  

Similarly, the Halloween Mickey Afternoon Tea at Mickey & Pals Market Café is sure to delight with delicious brownies, cakes, and snacks waiting to be devoured.

Address: Enchanted Storybook Castle, Shanghai Disneyland

Tel: 400-1800-000

New autumn menus to delight your taste buds
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