Local restaurants serving up holiday flair

Li Anlan
Brunch to celebrate with friends and family, six ways to enjoy Pacific halibut, a lobster and radish dish to warm the body and heart and Pac-Man meets pizza.
Li Anlan

A champagne brunch to celebrate the festive season

The Westin Bund Center Shanghai is offering a series of special festive brunches this holiday season.

Served at Prego and The Stage restaurants, diners can enjoy their meals while taking in performances by acrobats, clowns and a string quartet accompanied by vocalists, delivering on the hotel’s brunch motto, “let us entertain you.”

From fresh seafood, including lobsters, snow crabs and various salmon cuisines, to rich grilled meats, warm dim sum and an entire dessert room filled with sweet delights, the dazzling brunch menu has something tantalizing for every palate.

There’s also a “make-your-own-cocktail” bar and drawings for fabulous prizes.

Brunches are priced at 578 yuan per person, 695 yuan with free-flowing Veuve Clicquot Champagne and other alcoholic beverages. Children between the ages of 4 and 12 can dine for only 308 yuan each.

The themes for this month’s Sunday brunches are:

December 20: Christmas Warm-Up Brunch

December 25: Christmas Day Brunch (sold out)

December 27: New Year’s Eve Warm-Up Brunch

Address: 88 Henan Rd M.

Tel: 6103-5048

Six ways to enjoy the Pacific Halibut

Specializing in Shandong cuisine, Donglai Haishang offers a new seasonal menu featuring Pacific halibut from Bohai Bay in Shandong Province.

Rich in collagen and extra tender, the restaurant has come up with six new recipes that not only preserve the original flavor and texture of the fish, but also lock into the season’s theme of rich, bold flavors.

Braising is a traditional technique in Shandong cuisine that infuses ingredients with the unique aroma of sauces, and the giant head of the Pacific halibut is cooked in a way that presents a bold mix of flavors. The head alone can weigh up to 1.4 kilograms, and the large swaths of cheek meat are considered a delicacy.

The skin of the Pacific halibut is deep-fried and seasoned with a peppercorn salt.

Dumplings are a staple of Shandong cuisine, and fresh handmade dumplings with Pacific halibut meat filled with chive is a juicy dish not to be missed.

The new seasonal menu also features braised sea cucumber with tendons, shrimp steamed on pebbles, a mushroom version of “buddha jumping the wall” soup and several spicy dishes inspired by the flavors of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan cuisines.

Address: 94 Fujian Rd M.

Tel: 6311-5800

A stunning lobster and radish at Noble Seafood

Noble Seafood is one of the best places to enjoy the freshest seafood and upscale Cantonese cuisine, a great choice for year-end holiday lunches and dinners.

Noble Seafood’s winter menu emphasizes elegant and comforting seafood cuisine, with gentle and warm flavors that aren’t overly rich.

One of the best dishes on the winter season menu is lobster and radish stew, a very simple yet umami soup made by simmering the lobster until its flavor is fully infused. The radish is cooked to the perfect point of softness that melts in your mouth. It's very light compared to traditional lobster soups and bisques.

The leopard coral grouper braised with fish maw is a sizzling centerpiece dish with tender, rich flavors.

For dim sum, there’s a black pepper and Wagyu beef pastry and egg custard tart made of apricot seed milk.

Address: 3883 Hongmei Rd

Tel: 6262-5555

Play a little game with pizzas

Italian franchise PizzaMarzano is teaming up with Pac-Man for special seasonal lunches, including a pizza inspired by the figure of the arcade game's maze.

The special promotion also features basil pasta with pancetta, truffle pizza with egg and warm cheese fondue. There’s a Pac-Man kids meal as well, and a limited Christmas set for two priced at 299 yuan.

The PizzaMarzano in Ruihong Tiandi features a giant Pac-Man machine and decorations.

Address: Ruihong Tiandi, 188 Ruihong Rd

Tel: 6538-0987

Local restaurants serving up holiday flair
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PizzaMarzano and Pac-Man

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