A range of cuisine to tempt your taste buds

Li Anlan
Revived ancient Cantonese recipes revived, the art of private dining, plus new menus and openings.
Li Anlan

Unique experience of ancient Cantonese recipes

Shanghai Suzaku Restaurant, a Cantonese restaurant by Wisca known for its traditional yum cha and dim sum, has launched a special menu celebrating traditional Cantonese cuisine through resurrected ancient recipes.

The menu, available as a set, is composed of 12 dishes with recipes that date back at least a century. The rarity of the ancient recipes is not reflected in the scarcity of ingredients, but rather the meticulous and even laborious techniques that most chefs have not mastered.

The tableware used for the special menu has been carefully selected, featuring rare ceramics with vivid designs.

The first appetizer is mustard squid, a tender-yet-flavorful creation with a hint of curry that gives the palate an immediate wake-up call to welcome the upcoming dishes. Next are two rich, fried dishes that give a feeling of satisfaction: a rich deep-fried crab pie with airy texture that highlights the natural sweetness of the crab meat, and a fried scallop and pear ball with a thin coat of batter.

A range of cuisine to tempt your taste buds
Li Anlan / SHINE

Fried scallop and pear ball 

Cantonese cuisine is known for its soup culture, and the bamboo fungus soup with quail egg stuffed with cilantro and pork mince with clear stock has a refreshing, warming taste to comfort the stomach.

The goose feet braised with aged tangerine peel is a crowd pleaser. The tender, deboned goose feet have been fried, cooled in ice water, braised and stewed with 20-year tangerine peel, fish bone and soup stock – meltingly rich and delicious.

The grouper fillets are topped with a shrimp sauce stewed with shrimp roe and brain. The menu also includes a vegetable dish served in soup stock, house-made rice noodles and classic Cantonese desserts.

The 12-course menu is 300 yuan (US$47.62) per person, with minimum booking of three people and advanced reservations required.

Tel: 6328-0028

Address: 4/F, Bldg C, No. 1 Department Store, 800 Nanjing Rd E.

A range of cuisine to tempt your taste buds
Li Anlan / SHINE

Bamboo fungus soup with quail egg

New menu: Le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire

Michelin one-star French cuisine restaurant Le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire of Capella Shanghai now has a new lunch set and dinner a la carte menus, featuring modern French flavors crafted with seasonal fresh produce and subtle cooking techniques.

The lunch set menu is a great bargain: Three courses including an entrée, main course and dessert plus coffee or tea is 378 yuan per person, with an additional 10 percent service charge.

For the first entrée, the cocotte of frogs poulette and warm king crab meat with butter and bamboo shoot (an additional 108 yuan) and duck foie gras terrine with smoked red beetroot carpaccio are signatures. The duck liver dish is extra unique as it's served with a thin veil of Shaoxing wine jelly that balances the richness of the terrine.

For the main course, the most popular selections include the soufflé 9 conduit street gratinated with cheddar cheese and radicchio cream, Te Mana lamb tenderloin roasted with thyme and served with fregola pasta with piquillos pepper and pan-sautéed prawns with sorrel and raspberries fondue, Tanguy cucumber and turnip.

The restaurant has also launched a new beverage menu featuring creative and classic cocktails.

Tel: 5466-9928

Address: 480 Jianguo Rd W.

A range of cuisine to tempt your taste buds
Ti Gong

Crudo of king bream, organic salmon roe, herbs cress and colatura flavored broccoli puree

The art of private dining: KOR Member's Room

To enjoy exclusive chef's special courses and experience the art of private dining with the service of a personal butler, the newly launched KOR Member's Room by KOR Shanghai, hidden behind the hustle and bustle of the main space, offers a unique and exquisite cultural feast to the city's food and beverage enthusiasts.

The two KOR Member's Rooms are named "Loyalty" and "Honor," featuring an impressive wine collection, lounge space, butler service and exclusive chef's special menu.

Guests are greeted with a seasonal fruit platter, KOR's special selection of tea and the chef's special appetizers while they wait for the main courses, which include skillful interpretations of premium ingredients, such as hybrid caviar/Hokkaido sea urchin tart, Antarctic toothfish with roasted cauliflower puree and lobster roe sakura shrimp XO sauce and hay-smoked New Zealand Te Mana lamb tenderloin with shrimp mousse morrel mushroom and creamy leeks sauce.

Tel: 5298-0651

Address: 1717 Nanjing Rd W.

A range of cuisine to tempt your taste buds
Ti Gong

Antarctic toothfish with roasted cauliflower puree and lobster roe sakura shrimp XO sauce

New opening: Red Mansions

Raffles City Changning has a new restaurant dedicated to traditional Huaiyang cuisine, Red Mansions, offering a unique dining experience through classic Huaiyang dishes that emphasize high-level craftsmanship, knife skill and quality of ingredients.

The recipes have been elevated with modern techniques while preserving original flavors. The restaurant also has a Huaiyang dim sum menu highlighting steamed and baked staples, pastries and cakes.

Red Mansions has eight private dining rooms on the first floor, and a space for events on the second floor that can accommodate 240 to 300 people, including a stage area.

Tel: 6216-5110

Address: Raffles City Changning, 1183 Changning Rd

A range of cuisine to tempt your taste buds
Ti Gong

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