In Minhang, childhood miracles come to life

Minhang District, though an industrial area, has plenty of entertainment on offer.

With a population of 2.5 million, Minhang District is one of the biggest residential areas of the city and the only district to cross the Huangpu River. Though it’s an industrial area, there’s plenty of entertainment on offer.

Pujiang Country Park

If you are a believer in miracles and fairy tales, Pujiang Country Park is a place for you. The inspiration comes from the traditional fairy stories.

Taking inspiration from tourist attractions around the world, Miracle Garden has built a flower castle in the style of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi.

“The most impressive is the Castle of Flower Fairies. It catches your eye as soon as you walk into the Miracle Garden,” said photographer Zhang Yinan. “With roses and other plants climbing the walls, it adds color to the castle and makes it come to life.”

There are 12 restaurants in the park and several recreation areas.

Changshou Temple, built in 1165, is now the centerpiece of the forest recreation area. Parents and children can take time out to enjoy some amateur dramatics in the forest performing arts center.

Pujiang Country Park is holding an autumn flower show until November 18, with more than 2 million varieties to dazzle visitors. Chrysanthemums are the biggest attraction. Just like the spring flower show, the autumn display spans seven gardens. Four gardens are designed on signs of the zodiac, and one flower carpet stretches across 1 hectare.

Mini Happy Farm is now open in the park. There children can grow vegetables like chard and peppers and experience the joy of harvest.

Address: 2578 Puxing Highway

Opening hours: Daily, 6am-6pm

Admission: Free

In Minhang, childhood miracles come to life

Pujiang Country Park

Qibao Ancient Street

Just 40 minutes from downtown Shanghai, Qibao has long been a popular tourist attraction.

The town became an important commercial town during the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and reached its peak during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It is a typical watertown.

Qibao literally means seven treasures in Chinese, which can still be seen today, including sacred trees, a golden chicken and a jade axe. It is said that originally there were eight treasures, but one was stolen.

Qibao offers a tourist pass priced at 30 yuan (US$4.36), enabling tourists to visit all the famous scenic spots inside the street, including the bell tower and shadow play museum.

Rice cakes, roast lamb and pork are local specialties and can be bought on the south street.

Address: Qingnian Pedestrian Street

Admission: Free

Opening hours: 9am-6pm

In Minhang, childhood miracles come to life

Qibao Ancient Street

Jinjiang Amusement Park

For children, Jinjiang Amusement Park is an excellent option for outing.

The park is one of the oldest and can accommodate 25,000 visitors each day.

Built in 1983, this is the spot of memories for many Shanghai locals. The equipment in the park is upgraded every year. Among some 40 facilities, the Ferris wheel is one highlight. At a height of 108 meters, it takes about 30 minutes to complete a rotation.

Address: 201 Hongmei Rd

Admission: 80 yuan for six rides or 50 yuan for 2 rides

Opening hours: 8:45am-10pm

In Minhang, childhood miracles come to life

Ferris wheel at Jinjiang Amusement Park

Shopping venues

The Hub

Xintiandi Corp’s 62,000-square-meter shopping complex has become a new landmark in Minhang. The hit TV series “Ode to Joy” was filmed there last year.

The Hub provides business, leisure and entertainment facilities in the Hongqiao central business area and is the only commercial center offering airport check-in and shuttle bus services.

“The construction of the core area has finished,” said Chen Weili, deputy director of the administration committee of the Hongqiao hub area. “It has attracted more than 1,000 companies and created 70,000 jobs.”


The new star of the Wuzhong Road shopping district features an interior art space designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, who won the Pritzker Prize in 1995.

The exterior features a massive musical fountain and an urban park. There’s an organic farm on the roof and a Frozen theme park for family entertainment.

“In-store sales have jumped even with the rise of online retailing,” said Yao Haibo, manager of the mall. “To attract more customers, we provide novel services and entertainment. In an era when everyone is constantly checking their phones or tablet, we want to be a place where people put down their digital devices and reconnect with friends and family.”

The mall provides unisex public toilets and “husband rooms” where spouses can go for a rest when they grow tired of accompanying wives and girl friends on shopping trips.

Aegean is trying to provide experiences that will keep people in the mall for a whole day.

Address: 1588 Wuzhong Rd

Opening hours: 10am-10pm

Pano City

This high-end mall enjoys an unbeatable location on Lianhua Road. The mall’s 43,000 square meters include a cinema, language schools, bakeries, restaurants, gyms and spas.

Address: 1388 Lianhua Rd S.

Opening hours: 10am-10pm

Wanda Plaza

Wanda’s seventh plaza in Shanghai comprises 120,000 square meters of shops, hotels, an IMAX cinema and Michelin-star restaurants.

Address: 1570 Zhuanqiao Rd E.

Opening hours: 10am-10pm

The MixC

This shopping mall includes parks, office buildings, an Olympic-size ice rink, a small museum and a boutique hotel.

Address: 1759 Wuzhong Rd

Opening hours: 10am-10pm

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