2021 China Flower Expo coming to Chongming

Jiang Xinhua
The event aims to become a creative flower celebration, while sticking to a goal of low-carbon and sustainable development.
Jiang Xinhua

The 10th China Flower Expo will be held in Chongming District from May 21 to July 2 in 2021.

In April 2018, Chongming District won the bid to host the expo. With the theme of “Blossom with Chinese Dream,” the expo will cover an area of 10 square kilometers including main pavilions, the Dongping National Forest Park and a facility services area.

The event aims to become a creative flower celebration, keeping with a goal of low-carbon and sustainable development, and an ecological pioneering area enlightening the future.

2021 China Flower Expo coming to Chongming
Ti Gong

The core expo area is a peony-shaped flower field with plum blossoms, orchids, lotuses and chrysanthemums. 

The core area is a peony-shaped flower field with plum blossoms, orchids, lotuses and chrysanthemums. The flower creek, valley and paths beside it are showing theme of the expo. A 666-meter-long and 60-meter-wide axis, connecting the south and north parts of the pavilion area, features flower bridges to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China.

Three of the six pavilions will be permanent to the public. They will show the history of flowers from every province and autonomous region and bamboo art crafts. Three other pavilions will feature species of flowers from different countries and regions around the world. A flower industry forum, floriculture performances and speeches will also be held.

The Fuxing Pavilion is designed in Chinese classical building style with sloping roofs and colonnades. The pavilion will mainly be used for indoor exhibitions of provinces and municipalities, the Shenzhen Flower Association and China’s Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions.

The Century Pavilion is a flower-covered building, shaped like a butterfly on a peony flower. It is used for rare woodland flowers to create a unique flower exhibition center.

Located in a bamboo garden, the Bamboo Pavilion is built with modern bamboo and rattan crafts. It will feature bamboo construction materials, rare bamboo species and the latest technology from the bamboo product industry.

2021 China Flower Expo coming to Chongming

An artist’s rendition of the entrance to China Flower Expo Park

The area’s design is done with strict attention toward protecting the natural landscape and ecological life.

About a quarter of Chongming remains forested. Organic farming produces vegetables and fruits sought after throughout Shanghai. Natural wetlands, fresh air and clean waterways have made the island a favorite getaway for those seeking a respite from the chaos of urban life.

The forest coverage will be 35 percent in the expo site by the time when the expo is held. By 2040, the natural wetland coverage will be 45 percent and the river area will be 10.3 percent.

The island offers a scenic, peaceful environment for jogging and cycling. Along the pedaling and running routes, the environment changes in delightful ways in local villages.

In Xincun Village, there is the sweet scent of osmanthus, while Miaozhen Town features maple trees that turn a brilliant scarlet in autumn. In spring, Zhongxing Town is awash with cherry blossoms. The paths through Luhua Town follow the banks of a scenic lake and are surrounded by tangerine orchards. Changxing Town features a four-season scenic area, complete with four cycling rental stations.

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