Authorities test waters with Fuchun River night cruise

Wu Huixin
The Fuchun River area has captivated painters and poets through the ages. Now, officials in Fuyang County are trailing a new cruise on the famed waterway.
Wu Huixin
Authorities test waters with Fuchun River night cruise

A 90-minute cruise on Fuchun River starts its trial operation on July 24.

Chinese literati left nearly 3,000 poems eulogizing the picturesque landscape and idyllic lifestyle along the Fuchun River throughout Chinese history. Inspired by the scenery, painter Huang Gongwang created the painting “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains,” which is one of the top artistic treasures in China.

The river runs through Fuyang District in Zhejiang Province with crisscrossed tributaries. When sightseeing in the county, travelers are advised to linger over the riversides and admire its hills and forests.

To cater to the summer night cruise trend and promote local tourism, Fuyang government has developed a 52-kilometer-long watercourse cruise that started trial operation on July 24.

The 90-minute cruise is only available on Friday evenings and runs through late September. The ship, measuring 49.96 meters in length and 16 meters in width, can accommodate up to 498 people.

Local departments designed it with folk cultural elements, leaving space onboard for performances.

The route and wharf may vary during the trial operation.Visitors are recommended to follow the official WeChat account of Fuyang government for updates.

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