What's on in September in Songjiang District

Yang Yang
A variety of activities are being held in Songjiang District from September to October. 
Yang Yang

Writing as an Art

The 3rd biennial “Art of Writing” exhibition, featuring about 60 selected works by 15 artists, are on display at Songjiang’s Xinqiao Art Museum through October 5. The exhibition, aiming to explore the roots and philosophy of Oriental culture, includes pottery inscriptions, symbols and cliff paintings that represent a past before the oracles appeared, as well as folk arts, street graffiti, blind writings, ethnic minority characters, exotic characters, mystic symbols, murals, medical manuscripts and kitchen range pattern designs that represent the current trend of the art of writing.

Date: Through October 5

Tickets: Free

Venue: Xinqiao Art Museum

Address: Building 193, Lane 255, Sizhuan Rd S.


Reflections in Color

A watercolor exhibition featuring works by artists Gao Yaoming, Li Xueyuan, Liang Gang, Wu Guoqiang, Yin Jun and Zhu Kairong is underway at Songjiang’s Xianhe Gallery through October 5. The works are the results of the artists’ reflections on the watercolor creative process. The gallery, through the exhibition, aims to reflect participating artists’ creative thoughts and characteristics, and to further explore the current condition China has achieved in its watercolor creative endeavors.

Date: Through October 5

Tickets: Free

Venue: Xianhe Gallery

Address: 150 Gulang Rd, Sijing Town


Whats on in September in Songjiang District
Ti Gong

A watercolor painting by artist Liang Gang

Lilies in Bloom

More than 300 types of water lilies from around the world are blossoming at the Chenshan Botanical Garden in Songjiang District, making the park attractive as a Chinese version of Claude Monet’s residential garden. Now is the best time to view the water lilies, with a flower exhibition open until September 18. Five exhibition areas — “Special Water Lily Zone,” “Water Lily and Landscape,” “Water Lily Nebula Storm,” “Australian Water Lily Zone” and “General Aquatic Zone” — have been set up around the park’s Quarry Garden No. 1 Gate Square and its aquatic garden.

Date: Through September 18

Tickets: 60 yuan

Venue: Chenshan Botanical Garden

Address: 3888 Chenhua Highway


Whats on in September in Songjiang District
Ti Gong

Water lilies in Chenshan Botanical Garden

Wonders of Aviation

The 2020 Shanghai (Sheshan) Aviation Carnival is planned to take place at Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park from September 18 to 20. The festival, consisting of a student day and two family days, is estimated to receive 1,000-1,500 visitors. Activities include an aviation show, a display of a variety of model flight vehicles and camps in the park under a starlit sky.

Date: September 18-20

Tickets: 100 yuan

Venue: Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park

Address: 1158 Linyinxin Rd


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