Suburban Shanghai parks offer beautiful autumn scenery

Yang Wenjie
Parks all around suburban Shanghai offer bucolic scenery that is most beautiful during the autumn season. The parks welcome visitors from everywhere.
Yang Wenjie
Suburban Shanghai parks offer beautiful autumn scenery
Chen Xin'er / SHINE

Haishang Huakai Ecological Garden

The autumn clear sky is high and the air is cool, so as the Chinese saying goes, it's time to go out and be close to nature. Suburban Shanghai has a plethora of options for visitors to get a slice of Shanghai during the golden season.

Qingxi Countryside Park in Qingpu District was only opened in the latter half of 2016, but the unique wetland landscape has drawn people to record as much of it as possible with their cameras. Late autumn is the time when the scenery is at its best with the dawn redwood forest turning into a curtain of yellow and brown on Dalian Lake. Visitors can walk on the wooden pathway to blend in with the scenery.

For those who fancy a similar immersive nature experience, there are also other options, including Chenshan Botanical Garden in Songjiang District and Dongping National Forest Park in Chongming District, where people can also go for a picnic.

Jinshan District's Haishang Huakai Ecological Garden has gone viral recently for its blanket of kochia plants that are most beautiful around the time of the year. The fluffy stumps sprawl on the hillside in different shades of red and present a real fantasy.

Half an hour's drive away is Fengjing Ancient Town in Jinshan District, which has preserved the ancient style of watertowns common to the south of China. It has many waterways and old structures and features Zhihe Bridge that has existed for over 700 years.

For those seeking more memories from the city's history, the Songjiang Guangfulin Relics Park, displays the "Root of Shanghai," relics that date back about 4,000 years. The park's exhibition center, half of which is constructed underwater, is a major attraction as well.

The Moon Lake Sculpture Park in Sheshan showcases the mixture of giant artwork and nature. Pets are allowed to join the fun.

Tucked deep in Baoshan District, Baoshan Temple has become popular recently because of its structures. Originally built over 500 years ago, it underwent renovation between 2005 and 2010. It's also the only temple in China to be given the China Construction Engineering Luban Prize, the top prize in the field in the country.

Camping fun is also on the list of scenic sites in Baoshan. The Baoshan Ecological Park offers a grassy lawn and fresh air for free.

One of the five major classical gardens in Shanghai, Qiuxia Garden in Jiading District is another jewel of the season. It combines three private gardens in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and a city god's temple, decorated by the autumn leaves and landscaping, and poses like a window into the past for visitors.

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