From a world champion skater to a fun winter sports commentator

Lin Lixin
Former Chinese speed skating champion Wang Meng has found her passion again for the Winter Games at the Beijing 2022, but this time as an energetic commentator.
Lin Lixin

As China won its first gold medal in the 2,000-meter short track speed skating mixed relay on Saturday night, Wang Meng's "roaring" and humorous commentary wowed many netizens.

Seven topics were on the trending list on Twitter-like Weibo that night. "Wang Meng's commentary" has been viewed more than 1.5 billion times.

Paired with Huang Jianxiang, a well-known football commentator, Wang appeared on the first race day of short track speed skating ― her first time as a commentator.

Wang is a four-time Olympic short track speed skating champion and the most decorated Chinese athlete in Winter Olympic history.

She could barely sit still while commentating on the games.

From a world champion skater to a fun winter sports commentator

Wang Meng commentates with full passion.

"Come on! Dajing! Go!" She shouted before skater Wu Dajing crossed the finish line during the 2,000-meter mixed relay.

"You can always trust the Chinese short track speed skating team!" Wang shouted upon hearing that China won the gold medal.

She also gave some athletes nicknames, which gave viewers a good laugh. For example, she called Ren Ziwei "elephant" when talking about his passion and devotion.

In addition to her encouragement and humorous comments, Wang has acted as a judge.

She called out competitors when they interfered with Chinese athletes.

As speed skater Wu finished a race, Wang slapped the table confidently and shouted: "My eyes are like rulers. I'm sure China has won!"

A topic on Weibo asks which of Wang's comments i the funniest, and one of the answers was "every one."

Her unique commentary style and professionalism have left viewers ask for more. One commented: "I couldn't get enough of Wang's comments."

She has been made into memes on the Internet.

From a world champion skater to a fun winter sports commentator

Memes of Wang Meng

On February 2, Wang was the first torchbearer for the Winter Olympic Park in Beijing. She wants more people to pay attention to and love winter sports.

Good commentary always makes games more engaging, especially when the commentators themselves are athletes.

Former footballers Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher were sworn enemies when they played for Manchester United and Liverpool, respectively, but now they're commentators who work together on Sky Sports in the United Kingdom.

They often have debates. For example, Neville and Carragher had different opinions on their best combined XIs (the best 11 current players). Carragher excluded Cristiano Ronaldo from the list.

When they commentate on games between Manchester United and Liverpool, their different reactions make the game more interesting.

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