Li Wei: A Shanghai resident who kayaks to work

Li Qian Ke Jiayun
For many, commuting is grueling, but Shanghai worker Li Wei enjoys his 6km commute to work, combining his need to travel with exercise and enjoyment of the city's beauty.
Li Qian Ke Jiayun

Shot by Jiang Xiaowei. Edited by Li Qian. Reported by Ke Jiayun. Subtitles by Li Qian.

Some of the video clips are provided by courtesy of Xinhua News Agency.

For many of us, commuting could be grueling, either packed like sardines with strangers or trapped in the near-constant traffic gridlock. But Li Wei takes pleasure in it.

The 37-year-old medical equipment company worker kayaks about 6 kilometers to his office in the Pudong New Area, which takes him nearly 40 to 45 minutes.

"I'm exercising and at the same time enjoying beautiful views along the way. It gives me the energy I need for the day and helps me work more efficiently," he said.

"I was really surprised to find a place that was so close to nature in a huge city like Shanghai. I really took a lot from it."

As an outdoor sports enthusiast, Li is experienced in sailing, and he started to kayak last year. He finds that there are so many watersports clubs like rowing, kayaking and sailing throughout Shanghai.

"In Pudong, you can find clubs like this every 3 to 5 kilometers," he said.

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