Foiling the theft of mopeds

Qin Congcong
Theft-proof chips have beenimbedded inside more than 2,500 mopeds of the residents, helping to retrieve lost vehicles.
Qin Congcong
Stolen bikes and mopeds used to be a write-off for law enforcement officials, but that situation is changing as the district proceeds with a project to imbed ID chips in the vehicles.

The chips have already been installed in more than 2,500 mopeds since the project began at the end of May. They allow the locations of missing vehicles to be tracked.

In one instance, a stolen moped was retrieved three hours after the crime was reported in early June. The bike’s owner, Wu Jinhua, said she had locked her moped at a housing estate, only to find it gone when she returned three hours later.

Police activated the embedded chip upon receiving the report. They used portable radar to scan mopeds in the immediate area along Dongchuan Road. They found the missing moped hidden in a garage.

“It was the first stolen moped we successfully tracked using the chip information,” said Lin Bin, a policeman at the Bijiang Police Station. “In the past, it was almost impossible to find stolen bikes, but technology is changing that.”

The chip is slightly larger than a mobile SIM card. The spot where the chip is embedded isn’t re-vealed, even to the owner. The free installation takes less than 20 minutes.

A similar chip system has helped police in the Pudong New Area track down more than 400 stolen bikes.

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