Admin office opens to serve the community better

Putuo District Administration Service Center, at 602 Tongpu Road, has opened.
Ti Gong

Putuo District Administration Service Center

PUTUO District Administration Service Center, at 602 Tongpu Road, has opened. With 22 government departments and 207 officials, the center has 111 public service windows for 279 types of services of administrative checks and acceptances.

Services cover business registration, taxation, construction, a public resources trading platform and a talent center.

These are no longer scattered in different places of the district, which is more convenient and human-oriented.

The launch of the Putuo District Administration Service Center is also a a new start of the district’s efforts to combine the Internet with government services, says Zhou Minhao, director of Putuo District.

Reform of the administrative check and acceptance system will be deepened.

Since its construction in 2013, officials from the Putuo have spared no effort to conduct surveys and learn from successful cases to improve administration services in the Big Data era.

The center will serve as a backbone of the district’s “Internet-plus government services” mode.

The public can make online appointments by scanning the code, which enables services at the center more efficient.

Meanwhile, the official website of the center and WeChat public account have also been launched to offer online services for reservations, declarations and inquiries, which simplifies procedures and saves time.

Big data technology is applied to the data analysis center which is also connected with the district’s foundation database.

The data will also be used to shorten waiting times, improve efficiency and provide information for government to make decisions.

Based on the current services, the center will optimize the existing processes and extend more government services to the online platform. In the future, the center tries to develop one-stop windows for comprehensive services.

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