Keep your cool, the mercury isn't falling

The 40-degree heatwave that has hit the city will continue this week.

The 40-degree heatwave that has hit the city will continue this week. Today and tomorrow are forecast sunny, with temperatures touching 40 degrees Celsius as a subtropical high covers Shanghai.

Although the mercury is forecast to drop a degree a day, it will remain above 36. And residents are warned to brace for the light to moderate ozone air pollution.

By the end of this month, a tropical cyclone will approach China’s southeast coast, which may weaken the subtropical high and bring coolness to the city, according to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau.

As of yesterday, Shanghai has been on orange heatwave alert for 12 consecutive days. Orange is the second in the three-tier alert system for heatwaves, anticipating temperatures reaching 37 degrees or higher.

Thunderstorms hit most of the city yesterday afternoon, but didn’t last long enough to cool the city.

The mercury climbed to 39 degrees in Xujiahui. In Jiading, Chongming and Qingpu districts, it reached 40, 39.9 and 39.5 degrees.

The solar term dashu, or great heat, fell on Saturday. The day also marked the start of zhongfu, the second part of the 40-day sanfu period, the hottest days of summer in the Chinese lunar calendar.

Dashu, from late July to early August, features hot days, scattered thunderstorms and unsettled conditions like hail.

The average temperature for dashu is 29.3 degrees, with precipitation of 92.7 millimeters. Usually, it contains five days with temperatures higher than 35.

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