Live performance adopted by hospitals as a means to educate public

Gone are the days of boring lectures and public announcements — some hospitals are now using live dance, drama and music to help educate the public on important health issues.

Local medical staff no longer only provide medical treatment, they are now active in promoting basic knowledge on health protection and disease prevention, especially through live performance and new media like WeChat.

Lately, medical education and promotion among the public has become an important task for local medical staff and hospitals, which have started to include it in their evaluation system.

“The medical service has started to move from purely disease treatment to a new disease prevention model through early prevention, early diagnosis and healthy lifestyle,” said Qin Jing, vice president of Zhongshan Hospital, which hosted a medical education forum over the weekend. “The biggest challenge now is how to make the education interesting, fun and understandable.”

Medical education has become popular in local hospitals, some of whom have presented dancing, small drama and song, intertwined with medical knowledge, to enlighten the public.

“Compared with traditional measures like lectures, we've adopted more entertaining elements into our program, which is funny and in line with young people’s thoughts,” said Dr Hua Keqin from the Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital of Fudan University. That hospital has launched a multimedia competition on medical education and made a live broadcast online on Friday.

“Doctors using humorous performance can clear people’s misunderstandings and promote accurate health knowledge. The effects are much better than boring lectures and pictures.”

Ti Gong

Doctors performing for the public.

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