Police body cams show officers attacked by traffic violators

One of the suspects attacked an officer with a brick while he was preparing an infringement notice.

Three traffic law violators, in two separate cases, have been detained for attacking traffic police officers recently.

In Yangpu District, a police officer was attacked by two who were stopped for illegally riding a motorcycle with a non-Shanghai plate on the afternoon of July 14.

Motorcycles with non-Shanghai plates are not allowed within the Outer Ring Road.

The police officer discovered the duo on the motorcycle at the crossroads of Zhongyuan Road and Nenjiang Road at about 4:45pm, but the two fled when being asked to stop.

When they finally stopped at the crossroads of Jiangwancheng Road and Guofan Road, the duo started to attack the police officer and pushed him to the ground, video from a camera the officer wore showed.

The suspects, a man surnamed Shen and a woman surnamed Huang, fled from the scene but were tracked down and apprehended where they live the next day.

The two were riding a motorcycle with a fake plate, police said.

Police body cams show officers attacked by traffic violators
Yangpu District police

Video captured by a body camera shows a police officer being attacked by a couple riding a motorcycle with a fake plate.

Earlier on the same day, in suburban Qingpu District, a man surnamed Lu attacked a police officer who found him and his father riding an e-bike in the wrong lane.

It is against the law for two adults to ride together on an e-bike.

When the police officer was in the process of issuing a violation notice to Lu’s father, Lu picked up a brick from the roadside and used it to attack the police officer, police said.

Lu was subdued on the scene.

The suspects could face up to three years in prison for attacking police officers who are enforcing the law, according to China’s Criminal Law.

Police body cams show officers attacked by traffic violators
Qingpu District police

Video images captured by a body cam show a man who attacked a police officer with a brick.

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