Shanghai heatwave continues unabated

This year's third red alert is issued as temperatures remain high, but residents are promised that next week will bring cooler air from the north of the country.
Shanghai heatwave continues unabated
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

Two girls take pictures in mist at Tianzifang in Shanghai today, after mist machines were installed to keep tourists cool.

The local weather bureau issued the summer's third heatwave red alert at noon due to dangerously high temperatures, expecting the mercury will rise as high as 40 degrees Celsius today.

This round of persistent heat has lasted for about two weeks in Shanghai, with two days recording highs of above 40.

According to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, under the effect of subtropical high pressure, the city's downtown areas and suburban Minhang and Qingpu districts will see the highest temperatures, expected to exceed 40 degrees. The advisory suggests a halt on outside construction and asks local residents, especially the elderly, the weak and the young, to avoid going out.

The chance of brief, isolated showers or thundershowers still exists in Shanghai's eastern and northern areas this afternoon.

The arrival of cool air which lies ahead is likely to break the long duration of heat next week. Starting next Wednesday, the subtropical high pressure dominating the city will weaken and give way to some light, cooler air from the northern part of China, which may press the high down to below 35 degrees.

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